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Piles Treatment in Pune
Piles is a embarrassing, problematic and a cause of major inconvenience. Hence, symptomatic care usually proves to be futile.It is important that the cure be absolute and the relief complete. This is possible via holistic and customized care involving a combination of dietary, medicinal and surgical management.

The chosen treatment modality is dictated by the severity and grading of the condition.

Grade I (marked by mild pain and itching sensation) and most cases of Grade II Piles (marked by symptoms of Grade I and recurrent bleeding) can be managed with dietary manipulation and medicines alone. Within Pune, the Healing Hands clinic and its clinical team under the leadership of Dr Ashwin Porwal has come to establish itself as the pioneer centre for care and cure of Piles and other ano-rectal diseases. HHC, Piles clinic in Pune offers one a choice to select from varied streams of medicine (Allopathy/ Homeopathy/ Aryurveda). Moreover, the in-house pharmacists prepare the management plan depending on one’s preference and individual history.

Our dedicated team of dieticians takes care of the daily dietary plans for patients to facilitate the medicinal management.

Surgical options are recommended only if Grade II piles have persisted for more than4 months or in cases of higher grades of piles where prolapse is irreducible.

HHC is also the only centre in Pune that provides piles treatment via the recommended Stapler Surgery which is a minimally invasive procedure that reduces the prolapsed Haemorrhoidal (piles) tissue.

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