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What is 3D mesh?

The PROLENE 3D patch mesh is a sterile, 3 dimensional device for the repair of small abdominal wall hernias – offering the benefits of tension-free hernia repair with the efficiency of 3 easy steps. This consists of three attached components:

·         An ‘underlay patch’ that provides for an effective posterior repair on the abdominal wall giving the benefits of Laparoscopic repair.

·         A ‘connector’ similar to plug, but smaller and flatter.

·         An ‘onlay patch’ that fits over the abdominal wall giving the benefits of open mesh repair

Choose tension free hernia repair:

A device(prolene hernia system) has been designed to overcome many of the disadvantages of tension free hernia repair technique which is currently used primarily to repair direct and indirect inguinal hernia.

Benefits of 3D mesh repair:

·         As the device lies flat against the abdomen, it has virtually no chance of migrating like other devices

·         Minimal number of stitches

·         Most important the 3-D mesh device provides the benefits of strong posterior repair like a laparoscopic procedure.

·         Guaranteed freedom from hernia.

·         Smaller incision (generally about 4-5 cm)

·         Can be done under local anesthesia also


·         Discharge within 24 hours and back to work from 3rd day after surgery 

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