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Dec 31
New device to evict back pain without invasive surgery
A new device, which is 200 times more powerful than currently used spinal cord stimulators, can rid you off terrible back-pain without a surgery, a new study has found.

US-made Nevro sends a high-frequency electrical pulse through the spine that could revolutionise the treatment of severe back pain, the Daily mail reported.

According to the study, Nevro is 200 times more powerful than presently used National Health Service`s spinal cord stimulators, which use an electrical pulse to combat pain.

The device is deemed less invasive than surgery and also cheaper.

For the first time in the world, a team of doctors at Guy`s and St Thomas Hospital, London have implanted the Nevro spinal cord stimulator in 100 patients who would otherwise need surgery to stop their back pain.

"This new high-frequency version goes beyond what previous devices could do to give immediate pain relief without any tingling," Lead researcher Adnan Al-Kaisy, consultant in pain management said.

"And we used to have to talk to the patient in the middle of the operation to make sure where they were feeling the tingling sensations. With the Nevro device, they can sleep," Al-Kaisy added.

Patients have a wire, connected to a battery pack, inserted into their epidural space.

If the electrical current that is emitted stops their pain, they will have this wire removed and replaced by the full Nevro implant.

The USD 24,230 implant is switched on using a remote control and patients can use it for up to two hours at a time.

"Patients have no idea whether other kinds of surgery will work, whereas with the Nevro they know what to expect," Al-Kaisy said, adding "We give them a trial of the device before going ahead with a permanent implant."

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