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Mar 18
Emotions can dictate how you eat
A new book has observed that emotions can dictate how you eat and also demonstrates what kind of eater one is.

Hypnotherapist Marisa Peer in her new book suggests that there are different kinds of eaters like one can be an emotional eater or a habitual eater or a destructive eater or an angry eater, the Daily Express reported.

Emotional eaters find temporary relief from loneliness, boredom and sadness when they fill their stomachs with refined carbohydrates. The feeling of fullness from eating soft, sweet foods such as cake and ice cream leads to a temporary feeling of satisfaction and calmness.

Habitual eaters will eat whenever they are given the opportunity, without being aware of whether they are actually hungry.

Destructive eaters often feel uncomfortable if they are not in control of their own eating, whereas, angry eaters like crunchy or chewy foods because they find chewing hard helpful when they are feeling tense or wound up.

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