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A warm welcome to everybody. I am Dr. Shajil, an orthopaedic surgeon from god's own country (Kerala state in India). I am sure that at least everyone must have got difficulty in memorising one or other thing right from their school days. Some people develop liking for a subject which they remember better. Some revise a lot. Some develop their own techniques to remember - MNEMONICS is one such effort.

There are a lot of enemies against your MEMORY - stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, nutritional deficiancies, full stomach, hypoglycemia and many more. Even if eliminated everything, sometimes you will end up not remembering the name of third generation cephalosporins or you may have a CONFUSION.

When I joined medical school it was very dificult for me to remember so many new names and the confusion level was also very high. I thought that our field was more memory oriented. Thanks to the efforts put from various quarters, I overcame everything right from my first year to Post graduation. I thought that I share with you the mnemonics I gathered over these years and which I am still making and using. This site is specially dedicated to the medical student and doctors who works a lot, burns midnight oil and still has confusion or couldnot recall names.

However, it must be remembered that mnemonics should only be a steeping stone on the ladder to knowledge and not a weapon to destroy the true logic of events. In other words, it's not a byhearting tool. Too much of pnemonics is also bad. Only accept what you need from this site, because you may be having your own logic to remember something.I hope this site benefits all doctors of today and tomorrow. So let me conclude in the end :

Please visit

Thank you.

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