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A man who lost his vision to a degenerative eye disease has regained some of his sight with the help of a high-tech "bionic eye," in a procedure that experts have called a "game-changer." 55-year-old Roger Pontz was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa as a teenager, and has been completely blind for years. Since doctors operated on Mr Pontz and implanted an artificial retina into his left ..

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AMAZING HEALTH BENEFITS OF CARDAMOM ( ELAAICHI ) : 1. Cardamom fight against gas. It helps to relieve gas and heart burn. 2. Cardamom gives instant relief from the headache.(applying the paste over forehead gives the relief.) 3. Cardamom is useful for the protection against heat stroke. One should chew a cardamom while going outside home in sun. 4. Aromatic cardamom acts as breath freshen..

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BANGALORE: There will be a serious risk of severe ill-health in the country soon. The risk of mortality and morbidity is also going to go up during periods of extreme heat, a major consequence of the ongoing climate change. "Climate change is certain to impact human health adversely. Many diseases which were only heard of will now start affecting the community at large," said H N Ravindranat..

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Global Warming: Migitation Strategies And Solutions Our atmosphere took billions of years to develop. Yet technological advances have given today’s society the power to change the atmosphere in fewer than 100 years. Unfortunately, it is not change for the better. The Industrial Revolution that began in the late eighteenth century made it possible for inventors to create many energy-savi..

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