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What does a crooked nose look like? The crooked nose shows a deviated front, not regular from the classic “C” shape or, in more striking cases, to “S”. The asymmetry is in most cases correlated to a deviation of the nasal septum which involves problems of a nature as well as aesthetic, even functional. What are the main causes of a crooked nose? Crooked nose due to the p..

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The consistency of sperm can vary from person to person and throughout life, and it can be thicker in some situations, and in most cases it is not a cause for concern. The change in sperm consistency can be caused by certain habits, such as changes in diet, physical exercise or consumption of certain substances, such as alcohol or drugs, for example. In addition, infrequent ejaculations can also ..

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Sexuality is an essential part of the identity of each human being, being described as an individual expression of feelings, thoughts, beliefs and desires. It is influenced by biological, psychological and social elements that interact with each other, conditioning the characteristics of each individual in a varied way throughout their lives. When talking about sexuality, reference is not made on..

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Sagging breasts is a very common condition in women’s lives and can impact their self-esteem, when performing their various daily activities or even on their physical health, in cases where there is discomfort when wearing a bra or possible back pain. To solve this problem, it is possible to correct the sagging of the breast through a surgery called Mastopexy. We prepared this content to ex..

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What is Disc herniation occurs when an intervertebral disc degenerates and deteriorates, causing the inner nucleus to leak into a weakened area on the outside of the disc. The weak point in the outer nucleus of the intervertebral disc is directly below the spinal nerve root, so a herniation in this area can put direct pressure on nearby nerves or the spinal cord. Therefore, herniated discs are ..

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Erectile dysfunction, loss of desire, premature ejaculation: treatments for men’s sexual problems Erectile dysfunction, loss of sexual desire and premature ejaculation: these are the main sexual problems faced by men. But do they have a solution? Yup. The best sexologist in Delhi explained the best solutions according to the root of the problems. Erectile dysfunction Until recently, com..

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Although it is a sensitive subject for the vast majority of men, erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common problem that can be successfully treated or controlled. To give you an idea, the best sexologist in Delhi reveals that about 50% of Indian men over 40 years old complain about their erections. Next, check out 7 important things you need to know about the topic and clarify your doubts! 1. What..

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Physiotherapy in the Rehabilitation of a Stroke Stroke or cerebral infarction is a cerebrovascular disease, and its sequelae can include altered sensitivity, loss of strength and coordination. Immediate physiotherapy treatment after diagnosis is essential for a good recovery. Why is physiotherapy so important during the first six months after suffering a stroke? What does a good physiotherapis..

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Plastic surgery, in the vast majority of cases, comes from an aesthetic motivation, directly related to the desire to change an aspect of one’s appearance – and may have reasons of functionality, health and well-being linked, too. What can often be confused with mere vanity, or lead to hasty judgments that the individual is superficial or even futile, is actually a health issue and an..

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What is Liposuction, and how is it done?It is a technique wherein fat is sucked out from the body. This technique includes using a cannula, a metal instrument inserted under the skin to cover the areas where excess fat is deposited. After infiltrating fluid into those areas, which help melt the fat and provide pain relief. Finally, the extra fat is sucked out through a tube and collected into..

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