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Dear Friends , On behalf of the World Society of Antiaging Medicine and as the President of Antiaging Medicine and Research : AMAR India , I would like to invite you all to "INDOMEDICON" The Antiaging Conference and certification Course in JUNE 2010 in India. Please Join and Looking forwared to see you all being a part of the ..

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AyurScan Electro Tridosha Graphy Technology has been examined vigourously by the following reputed institutions; 1- National Innovation Foundation N.I.F. , Ahamdabad, Gujarat has been examined this technology in year 2004. 2- Department of Ayurveda - AYUSH, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Goverenment of India, New Delhi has found the utility of this technology after the conclusion drawn b..

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AyurvedAyurved is the oldest (around 5000 B.C.) type of wholistic approach to medicine. The Ayurvedic texts are one of the oldest texts which are available to us. Ayurved is sub-division of Atharv-ved which mentions about various chantings and medicines and the treatment protocols. Ayurved is derived from two Sanskrit words, 'Ayu', that means life and 'Ved' which means study. So, hereby, ayu..

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Bt Brinjal is a transgenic brinjal created by inserting a gene [Cry 1Ac] from the soil bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis into Brinjal. The insertion of the gene into the Brinjal cell in young cotyledons has been done through an Agro bacterium-mediated vector, along with other genes like promoters, markers etc. This is said to give the Brinjal plant resistance against lepidopteron insects like the..

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marketing strategies in neurosurgery DEPTT. OF NEUROSURGERY - MARKETING STRATEGIES Marketing and NeurosurgeryNeurosurgeons can no longer wait for patients to beat a path to their doors.Many neurosurgeons refrain from marketing, considering that strategy incompatible with the practice of medicine. Yet marketing is not the same as advertising. A true marketing initiative involves education. And ..

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