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Harnessing the great arteries in p.p.h dr vivekpatkar View more presentations from drvivekpatkar From the Indian Health Journal About the Author: Dr. Vivek D. Patkar, M.D., D.G.OEx Honorary Professor, LTMMC & LTMGH, Sion, Mumbai. Website: (Powered by Websites For Doctors)

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Past life regression by hypnotherapist in Coimbatore Did you ever wonder: Who am I....? What am I doing here...? Have I been here before...? Past life sessions generally take around two hours. That gives us time to establish your goals for the work and enables me to explain things clearly. Once you have a clear idea of how the process works you are then guided into a state of deep relaxa..

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Spirit release Therapy,Hypnotherapist in Coimbatore Earthbound spirits, negative thought forms, dark energies and, upon occasion, demonic energies can attach themselves to humans at times when they are vulnerable or suffering from trauma or negative emotions. At the end of a life that has ended with shock, confusion or unresolved issues, be they positive: not wanting to leave a loved one ..

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Dear all Gyn&Obs specialists What is your experience with Duphaston prescriptionfor patients suffering from irregular menstrual cycle. Thanks&regards Dr.Sreedhar

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MULJIBHAI PATEL UROLOGICAL HOSPITAL, NADIAD Nadiad Kidney Hospital becomes the first hospital in India to install the ‘Prostate HistoScanning’ Muljibhai Patel Urological Hospital, Nadiad has become the first hospital in India to introduce the state-of-the-art ‘Prostate Histoscanning’. To take care of the increasing number of uro cancer patients, in 2010, the hospital had set up a full-fled..

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