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1) The end of birth is death. The end of death is eye donation. 2) Nothing is just coincidence, every Eye donation in human beings life’s garden bear’s significance. 3) Stop foeticide-Let them live. Start eye donation let them see. 4) Nothing is impossible—Eye donation is also possible. 5) Dump your ‘I’ not your “EYE”, donate it. ..

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hospital nowdays are easy targeted by common people. public are now having zero tolerence, they dont understand limitation of medical science. doctor cant change destiny but he does all his efforts to save patient & cure their problem. people should not forget afte rall he is a human being .inspite of understanding their lacuna & their delaying in taking treatment they blam only doctors &a..

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it is gold standard technique for gallblader surgery accept easily now by all patient suffered from this. i am in small town doing > 400 laparoscopic surgeryfor gb , appendix , ovariaon cyst & diagnostic procedure per year. but in small city even old surgeon criticise & sometime they misguide the patient too & encourage more for open surgery which shamful . we must tell them about ..

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