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108 NAMES OF SHIVA AND THEIR MEANINGS Name Meaning Aashutosh One Who Fulfills Wishes Instantly Aja Unborn Akshayaguna God With Limitless Attributes Anagha Without Any Fault Anantadrishti Of Infinite Vision Augadh One Who Revels All The Time Avyayaprabhu Imperishable Lord Bhairav Lord Of Terror Bhalanetra One Who Has An Eye In The Forehead Bholenath Kind Hearted Lord Bhooteshwara L..

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How to look great on the D-day….your wedding….for the brides to be and the bride’s best friends?1. MAINTAIN A FOOD DIARY: Track your food from the spoonful of custard to the little bites of chocolates everything you taste. We do not consider these hidden calories when we consume little bites of our favorite foods of and on. Kindly keep a track on these "hidden" calories as they..

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Poets and authors have likened its scent to that of an ethereal, otherworldly experience. Sensual, earthy and almost wildly exotic in an olfactory sense, the humble papaya is one of earth's finest gifts to mankind. Here are a few reasons why you should include this fruit in your diet: Low in calories, high on nutrition, it's an excellent choice for those on a diet. The peel of the papaya h..

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Brain gets rid of toxins as we sleep=====LONDON: It's a wake-up call for an estimated 150 million people who don't get enough sleep. Scientists say sleep is the mechanism through which the body flushes waste from the human brain. The brain's method of waste removal — the glymphatic system — is highly active during sleep, clearing away toxins responsible for Alzheimer's diseas..

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