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Technology has developed over a period of time especially in the field of medical science and cancer treatment methods. A disease like cancer can be treated easily today because of the advancement in technology. But cancer can be only treated successfully only if it is diagnosed in the earliest stage. This is the reason; most of the cancer specialist recommends everyone to carry out tests related to diagnosing cancer.

All the types of cancer are dangerous in nature if not detected early because cancer cells can multiply and spread to other neighbouring parts of the body. One such type of cancer is the cancer of the neck also known as neck cancer.

One technique that is particularly used to treat neck cancer is called Minimally Invasive Neck Dissection (MIND), is slowing becoming popular.

Throat cancer refers to cancerous tumours that start to develop in your throat (pharynx), tonsils or voice box (larynx). Neck cancer is one among other types of cancer that tend to grow quickly this is the main reason that it should be treated at the earliest.

According to Dr. Sandeep Nayak, who is considered as one of the best surgical oncologist in India, the possibility of neck cancer are due to;


·         Consumption of Tobacco – If you consume tobacco in any form, that is by chewing or smoking there is a high risk that you might get affected by neck cancer
·         Regular Drinking of Alcohol- Regular drinking means if you drink more than 1 drink a day if you are a man and more than 1 drink a day if you are women.
·         HPV- Human papilloma virus is a virus that is linked with a tumour in the back of the neck.


Other risk factors that are associated with the development of neck cancer tumour are

  Gender- Stats prove that the risk of neck cancer is 5 times more in men than women

 Age Factor- The risk of neck cancer generally increases as and when your age increases. Generally, people are diagnosed with neck cancer over 65 years of age.

Every individual experience some or the other symptoms before he/she is diagnosed with neck cancer. Some of the symptoms the patient might experience before a tumour develops are


  1.  Trouble swallowing
  2.  Difficulty in breathing
  3.  Headache
  4.  Lump or swelling in the neck
  5.  Sudden loss in weight
  6.   A sore Throat, a cough which does not go away early.
  7.  Sometimes you may experience pain in the ear.

Dr Nayak suggests his patients consult an oncologist whenever you experience the above symptoms.

So after you have learnt about all the risk factors and symptoms, let us brief you about the different types of neck cancer you might be affected

1.       Oropharynx- This part lies behind the month. This cancer tumour starts to grow in tonsils back of the tongue.

2.      Hypopharynx- This area is situated behind the voice box area.

3.      Nasopharynx- This is the upper part of your through which lies behind your nose.

4.      Glottic cancer- Cancer tumours start to begin in the vocal chords.

 5.      Subglottic cancer- In this type of cancer, the tumour begins in the lower part of the voice box, situated below your vocal chords.                                                                                                                             

Preventive measures suggested by Dr Sandeep Nayak;

Although a dangerous disease, cancer can surely be prevented if you follow good habits and keep yourself healthy. He recommends the following remedies to all his patients to reduce the risk of neck cancer.

v  Drink alcohol in a limit, if possible avoid it- If you are addicted to drinking every day, Dr Nayak recommends to at least reduce the count of drink.

v  Choose and have healthy food or fruits- Every type of disease especially cancer can be prevented if you consume a healthy and balanced diet. That is the reason he suggests his patients follow a healthy diet because the vegetable contains the essential antioxidants and vitamins which helps in reducing the risk of a neck tumour.

After your doctor and you are convinced of you being diagnosed with cancer, the cancer  specialist will suggest you the best treatment option according to your stage of cancer. When talking about neck cancer, the best-advanced surgery available is Minimally Invasive Neck Dissection (MIND) and Dr Sandeep Nayak is the top surgical oncologist in Bangalore, India who is skilled in this treatment method.

    About Minimally Invasive Neck Dissection (MIND)


Minimally Invasive Neck Dissection is the most modern and less painful surgery used to remove a tumour from the neck area. As the name suggests this is a minimally invasive surgery because only small incisions are made in this surgery as compared to open surgery where the throat is slit open to access a tumour in the neck.

This minimally invasive technique is widely used by Dr Sandeep Nayak for treating neck cancer with the utmost perfection and with ease. This surgery defined by Dr Sandeep Nayak has been published in many newspapers and journals.


In this technique, the surgeon makes 3-4 small incisions are made near the collar bone area so that the surgeon gets a clear view of a tumour in the throat.

After the incisions are made the surgeon uses the robotic laparoscopic technique to remove or eliminate a tumour from the throat area.


What Minimally Invasive Neck Dissection (MIND) does?

The wound is made away from the neck which is less painful for the patient which does not affect the patient in swallowing food.

2. MIND surgery helps the surgery to heal the surgery quickly.

3. This surgery does not result in after wound problems.

4. Hospital stays are reduced which helps the patient to go home much before then he is discharged in open surgery.

5. Minimally Invasive Neck Dissection is sometimes assisted with radiotherapy which can be started early as compared to open surgery which helps in providing better results.

Dr Sandeep Nayak has helped create awareness for minimally invasive surgery

Cancer treatment should only be treated by the renowned onco surgeon because if not treated early and properly, the tumour can multiply and spread to other organs of the body which can prove to be dangerous. So the best surgical oncologist in India who is proven best in treating neck cancer is none other than Dr Sandeep Nayak. He has great knowledge of difference minimal access surgery.

He has earned a fellowship in advance laparoscopy and robotic surgery. Dr Nayak has also finished his qualification from the best medical institutes across the world.

He has been performing many surgeries using the latest robotic and laparoscopy system. He has a vast experience of over 19 years in treating patients not only of India but also patients who have come for treatment outside India. He is found to be the cancer specialist in Bangalore.

Dr Sandeep Nayak is assisted with a team of doctors who are also skilled in the surgical treatment of cancer. Dr Sandeep Nayak is the head of the oncology department of Fortis, Bangalore.

It would be highly recommended for you to consult Dr Sandeep Nayak because he is the renowned oncologist in India who has the special skill and quality to treat any type of cancer easily.     

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