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Rhinoplasty Surgery in Delhi

Face is the foremost part of one’s presentation. An appealing face with all features in harmony is the key to one’s inner confidence and to be impressive. The nose is the central and prime part of the face which contributes to your overall facial personality. Thus having good aesthetically pleasing nasal features is the desirable need of every individual.


Rhinoplasty” or more popularly called as “Nose job” is the cosmetic surgery procedures aimed at changing the shape of the nose and its structures to more pleasing one. This procedure which has gained much popularity in the cosmetic field and has become one of the commonly sort procedure.

Nose job can address multitude of problems like long nose, hanging tip, broad nasal appearance, wide & showy nostril, nasal hump, deviated nose. While all the mentioned indications are for cosmetic corrections, one can get help in improving his functional issues as well like breathing problems associated with deviated septum and narrow nasal valves at the same time combined with Rhinoplasty.

Surgical approach

There are two types by which this surgery is performed:

·        Closed Rhinoplasty: Here all incisions (cuts) are made inside the nose and there is no visible mark on the skin. This type is opted when only minor corrections are desired.

Open Rhinoplasty: In this the internal incision is extended to skin over under surface of nasal columella which heals very well and in due course of time the scar is inconspicuous. The advantage of this type is that we can do extensive corrective work on nose easily as we get full exposure of nasal skeleton.

To get the desired nose and the best procedure to achieve that, it is of prime importance that you consult your plastic surgeon who will then evaluate your needs, expectations, your medical history and your safety; following which a safe customized plan will be formulated which will help to get a satisfactory result.


Once evaluation is done and decision for surgery is taken you will be discussed with the plan and all further queries will be answered. It is advisable to stop smoking before surgery for better healing of wounds.


Most Rhinoplasty is performed under general anesthesia unless the procedure is a very minor and short in which case regional anesthesia can be given.

Surgical duration

The surgery usually takes anywhere between 2-4 hrs. Depending on the issues to be addressed.

Immediate Post Surgery

Immediately after the surgery your nose is internally packed with soft material which will be removed after 2 to 3 days. You will have nasal splinting in place with tapes so as to prevent swelling and to maintain shape. In case patient had underwent osteotomies for bony corrections a hard splint will be placed to protect the corrected nasal bones. This splint will be there for about 7 to 10 days. Patient may have slight mucous discharge mixed with little blood for 2 to 3 days and will stop on its own.

Post Operative advices

  • Not to bend
  • No physical exercises for 2 weeks
  • Not to blow nose
  • Sleep in straight position
  • No pressure over nose

Recovery time

Although gross changes are seen on table only but swelling keeps on decreasing and it takes about 6-8 months for final results to be obvious.

Sutures if any will be removed on 7th day.

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