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Due to the sheer size of our country and our population our dcotors are exposed to enormous disease load during their training and practice and not surprisingly they are among the best lot in the world. You will be surprised to know that many medical students in the developed world learn about disease conditions by looking at photographs while we are lucky to see the real patients with real disease that too in large numbers.

But there lies a problem.

Although our patients get cured of their disease most of the times the methodology of treatment varies from doctor to doctor in treating a particular disease condition. We donot follow any set guidelines.

Why ?

Because we donot have set guidelines for most of our tretment poilicies. Our diseases and our patient population are different from that of the rest of the world and we just cannot blindly follow the western or eastern guidelines.

It is very necessary that we all have to make appropriate committees for various medical and surgical conditions and devise guidelines to be followed uniformily all over the country. We'll then be far ahead than the rest of the world



Surgical Gastroenterologist


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Respected Sir

Greetings of the day!!!

I had appeared for the medicals and I had been diagonised with a smooth gall bladder polyp on anterior wall of 3.8mm. I was suggested by a doctor to undergo Laproscopic surgery for the same. He also mentioned that I will be considered fit after 8 weeks of surgery.

I wanted to request you to let me know if the treatment mentioned above is workable.

Awaiting early response

Thanks and Regards

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