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Cosmetic surgery has become very popular these days and it has enhanced confidence of the people to a great extent. The reason being, it can alter the appearance of the person positively and the procedures are very simple. One such cosmetic treatment which people opt for is the fillers Delhi injections which eliminates the wrinkles and pitted scars in the skin which is used to make the lips look fuller. When the filler is injected to any area, it puffs up that area and lifts up wrinkles or folds. The cost of the fillers may vary on the type you need. Talking to the doctor ahead of time that how may you will use and what will be the results will help you be on a safer side. Moreover, you can plan the budget of the treatment well.

How fullness is achieved with the help of fillers:

The filler injections are made of Perlane, Restylane and Juvederm which has hyaluronic acid which is a natural substance that is present in the body and provides fullness or volume to the skin. An allergy test is required 4 weeks before the treatment so one can get amazing results. The fillers include man made biodegradable polymer, calcium hydroxylapatite, Bovine collagen and fat cells that are harvested from one’s body. The fillers that are used for the treatment must be approved for it can bring side effects.

Many people have seen various benefits of this treatment and most of the celebrities go for this treatment. After the treatment the lips may appear swollen and this condition may persist for a few days only. However, after a certain span of time, you will be happy to see the volume of your lips. The results will lasts upto 6 months but this can vary depending on the individual.

After effects and risks:    

After the fillers Delhi injections treatment some pain, redness, swelling or itching may cover. It works well for the patients and give the desired results but as per the reaction of the body, one or two fillers may be needed at the later stages. The fillers treatment at the Cocoona hospital Delhi is quite in demand as the results are long lasting and doctors are highly skilled who offer such a treatment. Different fillers lasts for different lengths of time and a few risks which one may encounter are, infection, bruising or bleeding. Rash, hives or flu like symptoms may be caused. Thus, to avoid this, the doctors discuss the patient history in detail. They will also check if you are on any kind of medication that may interrupt with the treatment.

So, if you would like to increase the volume of the lips and enjoy good features then get in touch with your doctor today and boost your self confidence.


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Valuable information thank you for sharing..!
Recently my cousin has under gone cosmetic surgery. It went on successful for her; we had so many myths on cosmetic surgery before going to it. Many of those myths are clarified by online doctor at Now we are so happy after surgery,
after effects and risk in this articles will definitely help us. Thank you for sharing.

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