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Thursday, March 19, 2009


Interesting case presented with Epigastric pain,bachache and Vomiting off&on for last 2 months.Undergone for UpperGIscopy AND Treated as ACID PEPTIC DISEASE / PANCREATITIS.He was admitted by me and kept NBM for 2 days .He was discharged with oral medicines but again came with pain and vomiting .He was undergone for CT ABDOMEN and diagnosed as Intussusception.I perform laparoscopy and found JEJUNO-JEJUNAL INTUSSUSCEPTION but i couldnt reduce laparoscopically due to Large dilated bowels and 15cm long segment disease.Lower Midline Exploratory Laparotomy and Intussusception bowels kept out and reduction done successfully.I resected 10cm jejunum with intraluminal 8cm mass and sent for HPE in samir lab.

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