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Doctors working in Central government representated multiple times before Finance & Health Minister to consider some of their genuine demands to increase Non Practising Allowance or NPA and to calculate it by adding % including House Rent Allownace and Basic pay.As NPA is unique for Doctors as they have right to practise but as they donot practise so it is a special priviledge to them.Doctors has also demanded to increase HRA or to keep as it was being given beside Night Duty Allowance and Rural Posting and Over working allowance.

                But With the recommendations of 7th Pay Commission coming into force from July 1, 2017, the government,The Union Cabinet chaired by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi recently didnot agree for such demands.Night allowance was allowed to Nurses and ministerial Staffs only with some hike.

            Doctors demanded Non Practicing Allowance (NPA), at the rate of 25 percent of Basic Pay, is paid to medical doctors occupying posts for which minimum qualification of a medical degree is prescribed. There are demands to raise this allowance to 40 percent of Basic Pay where HRA added to it but the recommendation of Allowances ot mention of it .The 7th Pay Commission, had brought huge disappointment to the medical fraternity, after it had reduced the Non-Practising Allowance (NPA), an allowance given exclusively to doctors, from 25% to 20%. Moreover, it had delinked the NPA from the basic pay for further calculations such as HRA.                      

             HRA is currently paid at 30% for X (population of 50 lakh & above), 20% for Y (5 to 50 lakh) and 10% for Z (below 5 lakh) category of cities. 7th Pay Commission has recommended reduction in the existing rates to 24% for X, 16% for Y and 8% for Z category of cities.As the HRA at the reduced rates may not be sufficient for employees falling in lower pay bracket, it has been decided that HRA shall not be less than Rs5,400, Rs3,600 and Rs1,800 for X, Y and Z category of cities respectively. Doctors wanted same HRA as previously as doctors require hose nearby hospitals so usually pay more as HRA and accomodation of residents in campus But such demands were not considered.7th Pay Commission had also recommended that HRA rates will be revised upwards in two phases to 27%, 18% and 9% when DA crosses 50% and to 30%, 20% and 10% when DA crosses 100%. Keeping in view the current inflation trends, the government has decided that these rates will be revised upwards when DA crosses 25% and 50% respectively. This will benefit all employees who do not reside in government accommodation and get HRA.                  

            Rate of Operation Theatre Allowance has been increased from ₹360 per month to ₹540 per month. Rates of Hospital Patient Care Allowance / Patient Care Allowance have been increased from ₹2070 – ₹2100 per month to ₹4100 – ₹5300 per month. 7th CPC recommendations modified to the extent that it will be granted to Ministerial staff also,so Doctors are considered even less than these staff and it is rule of thumb Doctors are inferior to secretarial staff and babus as Government run by babus never wants that Doctor salary including NPA should be always lessthan of a secretary what to talk of Chief secretary who is almighty the master employee of Government forgetting the perks ,foreign visits,free big bunglows,free passes for many fuctions,clubs for amusements and free guest houses on travelling and other facilities they enjoy beside work 9 to 4  with 5 days in a week work and with so many gazettted and formal holidays beside casual and earn leaves beside hugh TA,Da for their movement.

                    Will Doctor the Real server who work round the clock 24x7 for 365 days get proper recognition and honour with salary in India is a big question?

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