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There is great controversy in modern time that Ayurveda have no mention of  Bacteriology as it is talks in the sense of  Modern western medicine. In the main page of the Ayurveda questions have been raised about the Bacteria, infections etc. Let us see that Bacteriology came in existence after the invention of microscope. Microscope in invented by a French person, who was a “Kabari”  junk merchent, round about 200 years ago. Bacteriology came in existence round about 100 years ago. Before that no mention of Bacterial causes disease in any pathology or physiology books or practice of medicine except few like Malaria. Clinical pathology and testing of blood, urine etc. came in existence within 100 years.


Those who are raising questions, they should go for the history of Ayurveda, how much it is old. Scientist say that tiny creatures was in existence since thousands of thousands years, when earth separated from the celestial body. Ayurveda came in proper existence after the collection of the experiences gained by the practice in different part of the land some how before 5000 years. When writing came in existence, this collection was written on the wood, metal, leaves, stones and finally on paper. Earlier to it, the knowledge was transferred by memorizing the youngsters by the teachers.


One should go with a serious thinking before commenting Ayurveda, how this scientific knowledge was saved by the Indians. Why people forget the invasion history by the foreigners. This is a fact which should not be forgotten. These hurdles in view of the scientific progress, development and researches in Ayurveda, should not be over looked by anyone. In between these high crisis situations, Ayurveda was alive because of the Ayurveda have provided the living style, the life style, which every Indian has adopted since centuries even today.


If anybody will go with the literature of the Ayurveda classical, he will find the mention of some hidden creatures, like fungus, spores that can damage the human system under the Bhut Vidya and Vish vigyan [Agad Tantra]. It seems that at that time the sharp vision of the Ayurvedic practitioners observed that there is some factors which damages the normal health. These Ayurvedic practitioners naturally shall have the capacity to invent and recognize the bacteria and bacterial originated diseases, if they have invented microscope in their time.


However these Ayurvedicians have given foolproof treatment to over ride the consequences as result of bacterial infections with a concept of total cure. If anybody talk of the infectious disease conditions, they should first go to study seriously Bhut Vidya, Kay chikitsa and Visha Vigyan. They will get the answer as they want.

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