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A root canal treatment is a procedure that is carried out to repair and save the damaged dental nerve or dental pulp that is holding the blood vessels, nerves and connective tissues that has been died or infected due to the presence of caries. A person may or may not experience a pain after pulp death, but the problem remains and can make difficult for a person to eat, chew or clean it properly.

Reasons behind opting for a root canal treatment

The main reason behind the pulp death include deep seated caries, severe heat generation during tooth cutting, severe periodontics or possibly some of the chemicals used by the dentist like white fillings which is also called as composites.

The dead tooth can lead to acute, even life threatening complication any time, because the necrotic pop time can cause acute infection called the abscess.

The tooth is connected to the end of the root. The objective of a root canal treatment is to completely remove the destroyed tissue which may also be infected by the bacteria in some cases from the interior of the tooth. This way the infection is prevented from spreading through the bone. So complete cleaning of the interior of the tooth is necessary for successful root canal treatment.

What are the important points to be considered for a root canal treatment?

The dentist attempts to close the pop cavity and the root canals tightly with a special compound, so that any remaining bacteria don’t have space to multiply.

This means that absolute cleanliness in the sterile working environment are pre-requisite for any root canal treatment in order to create this environment in the oral cavity.

It’s important that the dentist works with the rubber dent, because that is the only way to prevent saliva from reaching to interior of the tooth.

Furthermore it’s important to use sterile instruments. Also, during root canal procedure it must be ensured that all the canals are reconditioned. Most teeth have several canals. Therefore a root canal specialist always works with magnification such as medical magnifying glass.

What is the Procedure for a root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment usually takes 2-3 seating’s whereby the dental surgeon carefully examines your tooth, prescribes few medicines before undergoing the procedure. However, the crucial steps which are involved in root canal treatment are mentioned below.

  • Your dentist will offer apply local anaesthesia at infected place, in order to make the area numb so that you don’t feel any pain
  • After making the area numb the endodonticwith the help of medical instruments drills an opening on the surface of the tooth to access the dental pulp area. 
  • With the help of special files the endodontist tries to clean all the infected area like the dead tissue, pulp, or diseased and infected tissue.
  • After this the dental surgeon disinfect the canals and reshape them in order to fill them with the fillings and then sealed.

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