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Dr. Kartik Datta Endodontist and Cosmetic Dentist (Founder and Owner) B.D.S, M.D.S, Ex-Hindu Rao Completed his BDS and MDS from one of the most renowned dental colleges in India, DAV (c) Yamunanagar. Having a friendly yet professional approach, he is loved by the patients as he makes the most dreaded procedures like a root canal, a comfortable and painless experience. Being an active member of..

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You can have a white and shiny smile even after a short dental visit. In addition, there is the possibility to choose between different home and “do it yourself” methods even if these systems give a less effective result. In most cases, only a slight improvement is noted. Methods for teeth whitening Before making a decision about teeth whitening it is recommended to consult a dentist..

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Dental sensitivity, as a symptom occurs only on certain occasions when the tooth comes into contact with hot or cold liquids, with foods that are too hard, acidic or spicy so we want to ignore it and try to live with the discomfort underestimating its severity. Dental sensitivity is a real problem and is often a sign of a permanent toothache. This is why it is much better to prevent and treat th..

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We all know what to do in the event of a medical emergency; we can go to the nearest hospital and go to your emergency service. But, in the event that you suffer a dental emergency, what should you do? It is clear that the ideal is to be able to go to the best dentist in Pitampura as soon as possible, but we give you some advice on what to do in the most common cases. Severe tooth or tooth pai..

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Crown and Roots Dental Clinic Five Star Rated Dental Clinic in Delhi Crown & Roots is a multi-speciality dental clinic located in South Extension Part II, New Delhi in India. It is a state of the art dental clinic equipped to provide patient-friendly and top quality dental care. It seeks to provide comprehensive dental care with a specialized focus on painless dental procedures throug..

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We Give Best Dental Consideration to Your Family We are Dental Pixel, an assortment dental facility and embed focus situated in south bopal. We will probably furnish our patients with an excellent degree of dental consideration in a generally delicate, effective, and proficient way with the assistance of the most recent dental apparatuses and cutting edge innovation. Comfortable considera..

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Having a bad breath can lead to low confidence. When you have a bad breath, you hesitate in talking with others. You can discuss about your bad breath and other oral health problems with the experts at US Dental clinic located in Nagpur. US Dental clinic has a team of expert dentists in Nagpur that will help you identify the cause of your oral health problem and will provide you with appropriate t..

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Get Top 10 Dentist in Ahmedabad with google updated review 2020. Looking for Best Dentist in Ahmedabad then your search end here, Agrawal Dental Clinic is provider Top Dentist in Ahmedabad based on 100% verified Google Review and also inculcated, Phone Number and Address. In India most impotent field is dentist and Indian economic also depend on this industry. It is not easy to find dentist..

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Teeth Whitening Cost in Ahmedabad | Teeth Cleaning in Ahmedabad | Teeth Care CentreAgarawal dentist is a leading Teeth Cleaning Services provider in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Get professional Teeth cleaning Treatment at the most affordable cost with Us. Since 1990 we are running the best dental center in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. What is Tooth Whitening (Bleaching)? Tooth Whitening is a common procedure in ..

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This article is a complete guide from the RCT Specialist in Paschim Vihar on root canal treatment, a procedure performed to rectify broken or decayed teeth. Who needs a root canal treatment? A tooth consists of two parts – a crown and roots. The crown is the enamel above the gum, while the roots are below the gum and hold tight the crown to the jawbone. There is pulp inside the crown and r..

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