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 In every house hold or office or at working place or dispensary and hospitals many medicines are expired as per printed expiry date on these medicines without an use,mostly these are thrown in a dustbin or freely in a corner or a vaccant place randomly being used for such garbage.

          With modern system of Biomedical waste disposable system necessary for every Doctor clinic,dispensary or hospital ,at many these places it is kept in appropriate  box and then at final garbage place or ground after segregation it should be disposed by burning or burial in land or mixing with disinfectant but practically speaking such segregation is hardly done at few very places in our country.

 Our Bio medical waste companies licensed to dispose waste product of hospitals, labs,research centres,dispensary,blood bank,mortuary etc takes fee for disposable only but regarding disposable  they simply bury or throw waste an open far distant place.They earn hugh and get license by bribing Pollution department in crores.Our Every Pollution Department of Central or State Government is concerned for fee only,if they get fee that is all,how waste is disposed is not their concern practically.Simply our judiciary also label fine for offender which is mostly in money but never a jail or another fine but never a reform to clean enviornment.Many food processing,drug making compaies,beverage and drinking water,edible oils and different food and juice products manufacturing and selling companies are ot strictly inspected by food and pollution regulating Authorities so food and food products diseases are seen in public often as done in US,UK,Germany and western countries.For money every wrong doing is accepted forgiving health of people.

        But if such disposable is for medicine then situation is very dangerous as it is biological product if mix with water or food particles or soil then it can damage these things and make them poisonous which is very bad for soils,plants,animals,both vertebrates,invertebrates and human being as due to vicious cycle resistant microbes ill develop or such toxic product will damage our air,water,plant soil and other fomites ,so Medicines like other Biological products must be disposed as per standard guideline manual where disposable of all such things are clearly mentioned.

     Unused and expired medicines are considered as “domestic hazardous waste” in India as per the Solid Waste Management Rules 2016. These new rules mandate segregation of waste at source into biodegradable, non-biodegradable (recyclable and combustible), sanitary waste and domestic hazardous wastes.“direct waste generators not to litter i.e throw or dispose of any waste such as paper, water bottles, liquor bottles, soft drink cans, tetra packs, fruit peel, wrappers, etc., or burn or burry waste on streets, open public spaces, drains, waste bodies and to segregate the waste at source as prescribed under these rules and hand over the segregated waste to authorised the waste pickers or waste collectors authorised by the local body”

The rules also require the local authorities to ensure door to door collection of segregated solid waste from all households and transport it in covered vehicles to the processing or disposal facilities.Biomedical Waste Management Rules, 2016 categorize Discarded or Expired Medicine Pharmaceutical waste like antibiotics, cytotoxic drugs including all items contaminated with cytotoxic drugs along with glass or plastic ampoules, vials etc. in the yellow category, which are to be discarded in the yellow coloured non-chlorinated Plastic Bags.

Regarding noun used medicines,there is a standard protocol as b USFDA that these must be taken back by NGO or society and should serve the needy free of cost or by taking less charge,pharma shops should be directed to return unused medicines before expiry  and even after expiry many pharma companies take back medicines from wholesale and retail counters ad disposed it as per guideline.Every person should be aware that unused medicines must be either returned immediately or should kept in such a way that they are not damaged by heat,water,food or microbes and should be used first before purchasing newer one.

            USFDA first advised to crush unused medicines ad throw in trash and break injection vials and throw them in dirty water of home or sewage but now after drug resistance of microbes and contamination of food,soil,water and plans,animals with these way of disposable now they did not advise for that.They have said that these should be disposed by making a Bio medical waste department using their park with modern gadgets of tools and machinary utilising burning,chemical, ionising, radiation, buring etc all method of detoxifying and making waste a reusable harmless product.

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