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It is really due to the evolution of surgical procedures, that hair transplant has worked out to be a common procedure that eradicates hair loss. A couple of factors are important in the success aspect of  hair restoration procedure, first is the quality of hair transplant surgeon in Delhi and then is the overall health of the patient.

Factors for a Successful Hair Transplant Procedure:


For a successful hair transplant process, a surgeon has an important role to play. He should have the necessary qualifications and must be part of a well accredited set up. In this regard word of mouth is the best method to come across a surgeon. The well qualified surgeons will be up to date with most of the surgical methods. It is observed that sometimes plucking the hair from the back of the hair and transplanting into the bald area gives a plucky look.

In modern times most surgical methods are sophisticated. FUE and FUT are the common methods of hair transplantation, though out of them the former has worked out to be more popular. It could be stated that it has been one of the major breakthroughs in the surgical domain.

All said and done it is ok to come across a quality surgeon, and the next question is you a candidate for this form of surgery. Your general health and age is of utmost importance. For example if you are young below the age of 25 years, hair loss could continue in a genetic pattern. A hair transplant is after all a surgical procedure and would take around 14 days to recover. The quality of the donor hair has a profound impact with regards to hair transplantation procedure.

A lot of people are turning to this procedure more and more.


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