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Hair fall and balding have become a common problems these days owing to the increasing pollution levels, stress, bad nutrition and other bio-ecological factors. To cater to the needs of the growing population, hair transplant surgeons all over the world have been coming up with latest and more advanced techniques to address the hair loss problem.

Bio FUE Hair Transplant is one such technique that has gained a lot of prominence in the recent years. Bio FUE Hair transplant is an alteration on the original FUE transplant. The procedure is known to be beneficial for both the transplanted as well as donor area of the scalp.

A popular Hair Transplant Surgeon in Delhi breaks down the steps in the procedure:
  • Stage 1: Regenerative cells from your blood are implanted into the FUE contributor site for quick recuperation and to advance the development of transected hairs.
  • Stage 2: Every follicular unit are then showered in the protein-rich culture medium to decrease cell death and to help increment the yield of transplanted follicular units.

  • Stage 3: At last, you're enhanced cells are infused into the transplanted area of the scalp to advance speedier recuperation, fast hair development of the transplanted hairs and furthermore, to enhance the quality and tasteful thickness of your current non-transplanted hair.
The extraction of the hair is done in a zigzag manner which makes sure that there is no bald patch in the donor area. This also makes the extraction process extremely precise thus making sure that the procedure yields the finest hair transplant results.

In this procedure, each follicle is harvested individually from the back of the head in a random order. In fact, hair transplant results in India have shown the remarkable difference between the FUE and FUT procedures and the how the former yields far superior results.

DermaClinix, a renowned center for hair transplant in Delhi houses the best hair transplant specialists who provide expert consultation at minimum costs. The complete procedure is performed under the supervision of the best hair transplant surgeons to make sure that the final result is nothing short of pure perfection.

  • The principle favorable position of follicular unit extraction FUE is an imperceptible donor site since little.8 mm and .9 mm punches are utilized to extricate the packs of 1, 2 and 3 hair follicular units.

  • The donor territory mends quickly on the grounds that it is less obtrusive.

  • It is the go-to procedure for those with small regions of male pattern baldness and for the individuals who need to keep their hair short.

  • There is an improvement in the hair texture.

  • There is more growth of hair.

  • It is beneficial for both the donor and recipient sites.
  • The principle inconvenience is that with FUT more hair can be transplanted than with FUE so if a patient has a substantial region of male pattern baldness FUE won't be as thick. Additionally, the benefactor territory will disperse contingent upon what number of sessions are required.

  • Bio FUE Hair transplant is also costlier than other hair transplantation procedures.

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