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Welcome To Maruti Imaging CT Output and X-ray Center Bhavnagar 


Maruti Imaging is the most progressive radiodiagnostic arrangement arranged in the Focal point of Bhavnagar city. This best in class place is outfitted with the most recent supplies from SIEMENS, Germany. No other spot in Bhavnagar and abutting locale have following selective offices. 


  • Quiet 1.5 Tesla – 25 channel X-ray focus (Magnetom Essenza Tim + Dab Framework) 
  • Multislice Quick CT Sweep (Somatom go.Now) 
  • Maruti Imaging puts stock in standards of "Cutting edge, Quick and Precise". 


Novel Highlights/New Programming Applications 


  1. TIM (All out Imaging Lattice) - Incorporated Framework Curl Innovation. 
  2. Isocenter Framework Curl - Spine Cil incorporated into the magnet. 
  3. Briefest Magnet Length (131 cm) in industry - Lesser Claustrophobia. 
  4. Erupted 60cm opening for better understanding solace. 
  5. PMU (Physiologial Checking Unit) - Bluetooth Empowered for accommodation. 
  6. 25 Consistent Incorporated Network Loop Components. 



Spot (Day Enhancing Throughput) - Computerized Work process and Convention Arranging and bit by bit use direction. Auto Adjust Head - Programmed Arranging and Cut Situating. 

GRAPPA/PAT - K Space based progressed Equal Procurement Strategy for Quick Checking.


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