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Each one of us is very well aware of the adage, “Justice Delayed is Justice Denied”. In a similar manner, “Medical Treatment Delayed is Treatment Denied”.


A delay in appropriate treatment not only results in progression of the disease and more complicated and yes, more expensive treatments when it is rendered; it also results in much inferior or less optimal treatment results. “A stitch in time, saves nine”; and so it is always advisable to have an expert opinion and an expert management at the right time.


Just like timing is important be it for a batsman in cricket to play the ‘hook shot’ or ‘reverse sweep’ , or  for a stock market trader to pick-up stocks or off-load them; so also timing is important in medical practice as well. It may mean a key-hole surgical option being converted to an open surgery, an operable cancer becoming non-operable or a revascularisable limb in peripheral vascular disease becoming non-revascularisable and needing an amputation.


Timing is important, however it is not everything. A sound judgement aided by knowledge and experience, about the type of treatment – medical, interventional or surgical is equally important.


After a decision as to the type of treatment is made, go with the one which offers the best long-term result and not the one which is less painful or less expensive.


There are no ‘Short-Cuts’ in good medical care.


Take Care.



Dr.Irineu A.Pereira

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