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Reason Of Insulin Resistance


आस्यासुखं स्वप्नसुखं दधीनि

ग्राम्यौदकानूपरसाः पयांसि |

नवान्नपानं गुडवैकृतं

प्रमेहहेतुः कफकृच्च सर्वम् ||||

(. चि. . )



In Reference To The Above Slokas, As said 5000 Year Ago, Characterized The Root Cause Of Diabetes Is Insulin Resistance, Described In The Ayurvedic Classics I.E. Charaka Samhita. Modern Science Has Now Believed & Accepted The Challenge Of Insulin Resistance As Main Cause Of Diabetes.


Sedentary lifestyle
(Stagnant Lymph)

Excessive sleep
(Lack of Muscle Strength)

Curd & Shrikhand
(Insulin like Growth factor)

Meat domestic, aquatic & marshy animals
(Acid & Inflammation)

Milk Products
(Insulin like Growth factor)

Freshly harvested food articles, fresh wine

Jaggery Preparation

All other Kapha promoting substances
(Excessive Fat)


The inactive lifestyle leads to loss of muscle mass that may cause insulin resistance because our bodies are meant to be physically active. For thousands of years we led an active lifestyle, and it is only for the past 100 years or so we have got somewhat sedentary.


About 90% of people with diabetes have 2% type 2 diabetes. It can come on slowly, usually over the age of 40. The signs may not be obvious, or there may be no signs at all, therefore it might be up to 10 years before you find out you have it.


You’re two to six times more likely to get type 2 diabetes if you have a parent, brother, sister or child with diabetes.



You’re more at risk if you’ve ever had high blood pressure. 







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