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India holds the World's Largest  of Young and Productive Population. This will not stay forever. Let's work together to keep this going.

World Society of Antiaging Medicine, Antiaging Medicine and Research, and World Anti-aging Network bring INDOMEDICON 2010, The Antiaging Aesthetic and Regenerative Conference cum Certification Course to India. This event will be held on 19th and 20th June 2010 @ Hotel Imperial palace Royal Palm, Mumbai.

 The main goal of this event is to connect like minded Physicians who believe in the concept of health promotion and life span wellness medicine, not just medicine based on relief of symptoms. Integrative medicine is the new approach of Antiaging medicine and Age management medicine where we are fighting with premature aging  and  age related diseases and disorders  to prevent diseases and disorders out of the scope of geriatrics and improve the quality of life even before its starts  to decline.   It is very important for the Indian subcontinent as right now India holds the world’s largest and strongest youth population which has to be maintained for next 50 years minimum before baby boomer population hits the nation.

I personally invite you to join hands with us to promote the fastest growing specialty of Anti-aging, Aesthetic, Regenerative and Life Span Medicine movement   for the future of our nation.

Let’s work together to keep our nation young, productive and healthy forever

Dr. Anoop Chaturvedi

International Scientific Advisor: World Society of Anti-aging Medicine

President: Antiaging Medicine and Research, India

Founder: World Antiaging Network        


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