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Yoga, Stress & Namasmaran Dr. Shriniwas Kashalikar Lack of YOGA [integration of right and left parietal (cerebral) cortexes]; leads to inability to appreciate the unity, interrelationship, interactivity, interdependence and complementarity in various fields of life; such as; medicine, science, technology, agriculture, industry, trade, politics, laws, media, culture, art, literature etc. This inability leads to fractional, fragmented or sectarian approach to life. This fragmented and/or lop sided approach is responsible for piecemeal, superficial, ad hoc, inappropriate and often counterproductive solutions to individual and social problems. Such piecemeal approach and the solutions in terms of ad hoc solutions; is typically evident in the inefficient treatment of various human ailments; but it is also identifiable in all other fields of life, where the solutions are also piecemeal, palliative and often counterproductive. Thus poverty is wholly attributed to population; unemployment is exclusively attributed to the conspiracy of so called upper castes, accidents are attributed entirely to the lapses on the part of traffic police, and suicides of the farmers are attributed to lack of lack of subsidy! This fragmented, fractional perspective make us sectarian, fanatic, unjust, exploitative, hateful and commit crimes in different forms. All these problems and our inappropriate responses; constitute stress! If we appreciate that our deficiency in yoga is the cause of stress, then yoga can be understood in its proper perspective and internalized effectively to manage the stress from time to time and at individual and global levels. Even if we are intelligent in terms of memory, analytical thinking, and innovation and so on, i.e. (left cerebral development) we still can be vicious, perverted and antisocial if are not balanced and integrated with right brain; due to our inability appreciate subtleties of life. Conversely; even if we are endowed with excellent development of right brain; but without integration with left brain; then we are likely to be artistic or saintly; but gullible, irrational and oblivious to rational solutions to social reality. NAMASMARAN integrate left and right brains and enhance stress management and blossom individual and global life!

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