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CHANGING THE WORLD DR. SHRINIWAS KASHALIKAR The word “change” is one of the frequently used words! But do we really understand the meaning of the word “change”? If we observe carefully, then we realize that; “change” as is noticed or observed by us; is our perception and subject to the capabilities and interpretations of our brain and our technological competence. When the changes are beyond our range of observation and interpretation, then we do not recognize the change. Thus the world is changing to far greater extent than we believe and with much faster speed than we can imagine! Having understood what change means and embodies; it is essential to understand the concept of “changing the world”! When we yearn, crave, feel, promote, profess and propagate the idea of “changing the world”; we imply that the present world is not “good” and hence it has to be changed for “better”! The next question that arises is; “Why do we feel that the world is not “good”? The answer is; we are not comfortable with certain things, which characterize the “present world”! Due to our discomfort; we feel the present as deficient and defective and need change! If we carefully study this, then we appreciate that our desire for change is a result of restlessness within because of millions of metabolic, hormonal, neurohormonal, neural reactions and their various permutations combinations, which we do not create! Further, the restlessness is compounded by the billions of interactions between these reactions inside; and the reactions going on outside our body! Hence our perception that the world is not good; actually means; the interactions between us and the world are discomforting and hence not “good”! Both we and the outer world need “change”! The nonliving entities, the plants and the animals do not seem to be restless and need any change in the world! Thus the idea (ideology, obsession, struggle, mission etc) of “changing the world” is born out of the conflict between the perceptions dominated by the evolved parts of our cerebral cortex and limbic system versus the perceptions dominated by our general and special somatic and visceral sensations, hormones and autonomic nervous system. In simple words; this is a conflict between our higher selves and lower selves with respect to the opinions or judgment on prevailing circumstances! (It is true that this is simplistic; and due to a variety of permutations and combinations of the nature of restlessness; the nature of the concept of “changing the world” could be different!) But the sake of understanding; we have taken this simple model of conflict between higher and lower selves. In other words; the idea of “change and its characteristics”; is a function of differential evolution and hence varies; amongst individuals, nations, religions and ideologies and other characteristics of groups of people. This is why the “blue print” of dream world; varies. But as and when we are more objective; we can see that the cosmic consciousness; which is beyond time and intelligence has been universal, ubiquitous and impeccable; and “engulfing, pervading and vitalizing” us; from time immemorial. Our instincts, emotions, thoughts and our overall “living” through the time is a variable reflection or function of this energizing and enlivening of our existences. The incoming “change in the universe”; is “increasing recognition, acceptance and manifestation of cosmic consciousness; through us, at individual and global levels; in our perspective, policies, plans, programs and activities; without fanatic blue prints; through the practice of NAMASMARAN.

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