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Yummy Rice : Rajma Chawal ... Kadi Chaval ... Dal Chaval ... Biryani ... Chicken fried Rice ... Sezwan Rice ... Mushroom Fried Rice ... Kasmiri Chaval ... Masala Rice ... fish fry and Rice ...Kheer ... Indianz especially South Indianz cant resist Rice from their meals ... without Rice or Rice preparations the meals are not complete ... but all those who suffer from diabetes ...should very well know that consuming Rice is the worst they can do for themselves ... WHY ??? Actually let me just clear you about how it all works ... Rice ... Well No ... its not fat ... its carbohydrates ... just like Chappati is a carbohydrate so is rice ... carbohydrates are broken down within our body into sugars ... these sugar enter our blood circulation and provide ENERGY !!! thtz cool ...awesome ... thts wht our body needs the most ... 24*7 ... I know you have a question in your mind ... and i know your question ... tht why is it then tht chappati is fine to consume and rice is not ??? Correct??? This is what all the diet conscious people ... the overweight obese and diabetes population wana ask ... rite ??? so here it is ... the easiest yet authentic explanation for you ... Carbohydrates are broken down to sugar ... correct And this sugar enters our blood ... correct And this then provides energy to our body now if the sugar enters slowly in the blood at regular intervals ... ur body gets energy ... throughout the time say for 2-4 hours ... this is what happens in case of Chappati ... you get slow and sustained release of energy ... thtz cool ... n healthy !!! now if entire sugar enters the blood all at one ... ur body gets energy for tht moment but isnt sure of wht to do with rest of the sugar ... tht isnt utilized for energy tht time ... now ... body focuses the current problem that is : too much of sugar in blood ... it wants the blood sugar levels back to normal so here we go ... body says throw away the extra sugar to the fat cells ... and there u go ... all the xcess is converted to fat ... the same fat that you see on your tummy is not always because you consume french fries ... fried food ...mayonnaise and junk but also coz ur Rice shoots up the blood sugar levels ... thtz why we say ... guys ( n girls ;) ) say NO to Rice ... but hey m not done yet ... for all the Rice lovers ... Nobody dare stop you from your beloved Rice ... we now have a reason for you to smile ... SAFFOLA ARISE RICE ... NO ...m not promoting a brand ... but yes i am promoting healthier option of Rice ... the rice variety used to prepare Saffola ARise works on the same principle as chappati ... ( I have been a part of the research for the same and hence can strongly have a thumbs up for tht ) Yippee we now have a rice which provides slow and sustained release of energy and hence helps maintain weight and stay fit and energetic throughout the day ... P.S. you wont feel sleepy drowsy and slothy after consuming this RICE ok I give you second best option after ARISE rice and thtz Brown Rice ... this onez for weight loss clients ( not diabetics ) Rice has carbohydrates as starch ... the fiber part of it is removed while polishing ... brown rice has the fibre intact and hence gives you a healthy carbohydrate ... so if you wana go in for Brown Rice ... m again happy coz you guys are changing for good ... Try to bring a small change in your daily style of cooking options and meal pattern and there you go ... you'll be a new you ... in no time !!! Take a pledge to eat healthy and be healthy with me ... Your Diet Nutrition Fitness and Wellness Expert ... Priyam Ahuja !!! God Bless YOU !!!

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madam priyam
i have gone through your blog and also comments from shivani lodha. i believe your stress on arise rice in case of DM is based on fact that they are unpolished. is that true. i would like to know whether all brands of rice e.g.basmati, parmal, sharbati, red rice or other popular varieties are similar in their mode of action , this question becomes more relevant because in ayurveda for local fomentation only navra rice is recommended and not others why so is a question for me which you can answer in a better way. hope to listen from you
dr. rajesh lakhanpaul
mukerian. pb.


thnx ... Ms Shivani Lodha !!!


GOOD blog priyam......just an input frm my side...even if someone is consuming white or basmati rice make sure they take a small serving and lots of salad, green leafy vegetables and pulses withit so that the GI of the meal is lowered.
definetly brown rice and ALso RED rice much better rice, but availability is scare in smaller city.
keep writting

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