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Modern medicine is not considering a “purpose” of disease as it is seeing disease as a defect that has to be fixed. Purpose in general is not a concept of contemporary science, as “purpose” is believed to be an aspect of consciousness. Nature, physiological and health processes are seen as pure chemical or mechanical processes devoid of consciousness.

Purpose is also usually associated with an aim, a target something in the future that has an effect on how things are in the present. Science has however limited its world view to a concept of “cause” that is ALWAYS before the effect – which means in the past.

Medicine has many of these kind of cause concepts that are all past-based, for example viruses, toxins, bad life-style habits, genetic predisposition. Holistic medicine is not different in this respect, as it seeing missing supplements, childhood trauma, past-life trauma, water lines, negative birth constellations a.s.o. that are also exclusively causes in the past.

Also karmic or spiritist approaches to disease are not different – you did something in the past that you have to pay for now with being sick. Same with most approaches that want to find a message in a symptom - finding a cause in the past – e.g. not wanting to hear something is causing the need for tinnitus – or avoiding to live your female side “breast cancer” – and so on – a thousand invented causes to blame.

The CoRe Energetically & Informational system takes a new approach that is more practical and less based on the usual blame-explain game. In the CoRe world, inertia / momentum is the central law / principle of both the physical, energetic and informational world. If the spirit / consciousness does not interfere inertia will get the upper hand because of this law. Inertia that I usually call stagnation comes in countless forms.

Informationally it is expressed in our tendency and desire for rules, structure, pattern, protocols, formulas, recopies. We need titles, believe in certification, authorities, government – all concepts that do not exist for a child but that are forms of informational stagnation the older people get.

On a life-style level this force is expressing in countless habits and addictions we create over time. We are taught to built more and more stability in our life with insurances, house, savings and a fixed place of living, the same job.

On a physical level it is most obviously expressed in paralysis, stiffness, Parkinson, ticks and twitches. On the energetic in exhaustion, sleeplessness, coldness. On the informational in immune-deficiency, allergy, attention deficit, autism and many more.

In CoRe DLE philosophy stagnation is the cause for all disease and the cause for stagnation is not that we necessarily have done anything wrong or bad in the past but it is an effect or expression of the first law of physics and creation called “Inertia”.

This view takes out all the usual blaming of other people, pharma industry, parents, culture, environment and most often oneself.

Disease in this view is an often necessary way of nature to make us more alive and reduce the amount of pattern in our life. If we avoid little diseases like cold, flue, fevers, sleeplessness, headache by taking anti-medicine in order not to be interrupted in our daily pattern, nature has to summon bigger and more severe illnesses to break our momentum. Or even has to use the most severe form of reset which is death.

In this view disease is not a defect but a way of existence to bring us back into the flow, make us more alive and open us up for new levels of experience – if used best it is a transformational experience that has to be welcomed and embraced. As long as there is a tendency for inertia there will be a need for disease. We can expect to keep the need for disease to a minimum if we actively live a life that gives as little room to inertia in all its forms (see above) as possible.

Informational and energetic therapy modes of energetic and informational systems are geared to break inertia on the informational and energetic level and thus make disease un-necessary.

AND humor and physical flexibility, exercises are a good way to prevent Stagnation. Changing our routine, daily pattern, habits, food, social contacts, environment, lifestyle brings us out of Stagnation.

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