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Pain Clinic set by us is built in adherence with the current medical guidelines under the supervision of experienced architects. This unit is facilitated with requisite amenities, technologies and medical facilities that are valuable to deal with the problem related to arthritis.

Orthopedicians Dr. Rajiv Paradkar and Dr. Vrajesh Shah, VIROC is a strident step towards medical advancement in Vadodara, where decade of experience in orthopedics has been diligently employed to create a super specialty hospital beyond compare.

Dr. Rajiv Paradkar has been a beacon of light for the suffering for over 11 years and has unmatched experience of handling Adult and Pediatric Orthopedic cases.Booned with 8 years of experience, Dr. Vrajesh Shah has the knowledge and skill of handling Joint Replacement Centre of an independent Organization since 3 years with great success.

Having treated over 5000 cases of fracture, spinal cord, knee and hip surgery, Dr. Rajiv Paradkar and Dr. Vrajesh Shah have also accomplished successful knee and hip replacement surgeries across the shores at Singapore, Prague, Czechoslovakia, Thailand, Australia, Germany, Vienna, Korea, to name a few. 

In pursuit of enriching their repertoire of knowledge pool, Dr. Rajiv Paradkar and Dr. Vrajesh Shah have invited talents of international repute like Professor Luka Morega (Italy), Professor Roko Pito (New Zealand) and Professor Fieldman (Germany) to enlighten on knee and hip replacement surgery.

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