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Rapid progress in Urological Cures

Dr. K. Ramesh, senior consultant urologist, Apollo Hospitals, Chennai, said that with the latest trends, it was clear that robotic surgeries would be made affordable and their benefits be passed on to a greater number of patients with lesser pain management and many other advantages.

“Though robotic surgeries made some progress in urological treatments, the scope has been expanded to gynaecology, cardio thoracic and other problems. At Apollo, we have done nearly 150 robotic surgeries in the past one year,” said Dr. Ramesh.

With the present advanced treatments, ‘day surgeries’ with minimal pain are being done on patients suffering from kidney stones, tumours and prostate cancer. These surgeries help a patient to return to normal activities soon.

High cost

Dr. Ramesh, who addressed a press conference at the Apollo Information Centre, here on Sunday, said that far greater precision was possible in robotic surgeries because of their 10 times magnification and 3D vision. Higher magnification helps doctors to identify the tumour.

Stating that only one supplier was there for surgical robots now, Dr. Ramesh said that there were likely to be more competitors in the coming days which would reverse the present situation prevailing as robotic surgeries are now costing nearly Rs. 1.5 lakh higher than the normal operation. He said that blood transfusion would also be far lesser in robotic surgeries and only 20 to 30 ml blood loss would occur even in complicated prostate surgeries.

Talking about kidney ailments, Dr. Ramesh said that surgical robots would help in saving kidneys and avoiding transplants by just removing the tumour and preventing replacement of the entire organ. Dr. Ramesh said that the incidence of prostate cancers was reported up to 5 per cent in India which was lesser when compared to the US and Africa. Food habits, hormonal changes in old age and ethnic origins are some of the reasons for high incidence of prostate. Common symptoms are problems in urine passage, additional pressure and inability to fully empty the bladder, he added.

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Dr. K. Ramesh, senior consultant urologist speaking about urology in  sun news channel

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