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Having problems when urinating, such as pain or itching, and noticing blood in the urine can be signs that something is not quite right in your urinary system. Who should you go to solve a possible urine problem? Although not everyone thinks about it from the first moment, the most important thing, especially if your age is over 40, is to see a specialist in the urinary system, that is, a urolog..

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Modern urology is also focusing on minimally invasive surgical techniques, such as laparoscopic and robotic surgery, which can offer patients faster recovery times and less postoperative pain. Additionally, there has been an increased focus on the use of imaging techniques like MRI and ultrasound to improve diagnosis and treatment planning. Research in urology has also led to the development of..

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What’s happening in modern urology? Urology is a speciality dealing with organs in the genitourinary system of adults and children, in addition to diseases of the adrenal gland situated just above each kidney. The genitourinary system includes both kidneys, ureters (tubes that carry urine to the bladder), urinary bladder, prostate gland (semen producing gland below the bladder) and the uret..

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The consistency of sperm can vary from person to person and throughout life, and it can be thicker in some situations, and in most cases it is not a cause for concern. The change in sperm consistency can be caused by certain habits, such as changes in diet, physical exercise or consumption of certain substances, such as alcohol or drugs, for example. In addition, infrequent ejaculations can also ..

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Urological medical procedure is a medical procedure related with illnesses that influence the male or female urinary plot and the male conceptive parcel. The organs that fall under this field are kidneys, ureters, urethra, adrenal organs, urinary bladder and the male conceptive framework (penis, testicles, vas deferens, epididymis, original vesicles, prostate) Mechanical technolog..

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The fundamental work of the urethra is to pee in people outside the body. This slight cylinder likewise assumes a huge part in men's discharge. At the point when a scar forestalls or defers the streaming of pee in that cylinder because of irritation, injury, or disease, urethral toughness is called. Certain individuals feel torment in Urethral injury. Injury happens when piece of your uret..

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Although we are experiencing a difficult and delicate situation, some diseases and clinical conditions cannot wait for the end of the pandemic. Acute testicular pain and renal colic are examples of often critical situations that require urgent evaluation by the best urologist in Noida. What does the urologist treat? First of all, it is important to clarify which organs the urologist in Noida wor..

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The visible or invisible blood in your urine is also known as hematuria. Though it isn’t normal, it is not necessarily a big cause of concern either. Your doctor will run a series of tests, mainly screening and a urine test to detect the root cause of the issue. In hematuria, the color of the urine might change from yellow to red, dark red, brownish red, tea color, and pink. Howeve..

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Healthy cells in the kidney can turn cancerous due to mutation, excessive smoking, alcohol, and tobacco consumption and thus result in causing kidney tumors or cancer. Kidney cancer can develop in the lining of renal tubules. The main function of these tubules is to clean the blood and produce urine. Flank pain, blood in urine, blood in urine, and concrete mass are the symptoms of kidney cance..

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Doctors at a city hospital performed a life-saving surgery on a one-year-old boy suffering from rare neurological disorder dancing eye-dancing feet syndrome. At just one Ayaan was diagnosed with a rarest of rare condition–a dancing eye-dancing feet syndrome–that causes abnormal jerky movements of the eyes, head, trunk and extremities. With a rare occurrence of 1 in 10 mi..

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