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So today was my clientís first day live on the 5.5 upgrade and overall things went pretty smooth. We definitely received calls on the security group changes but Iíll just concentrate on 5.5. A couple of things that tripped our practices or us up, even some we warned them of:

  • About halfway through the day the entire EMR (EHR now?) froze for everyone on the system, all other aspects of application was fine but the EMR was completely blocked. We called our host who proceeded to help un-block the process and NextGen gave us a DLL file to put in our Components file tonight. If you had this problem, Iíd definitely put in a ticket with NextGen.
  • The Charge Entry screen now shows all Locations, not just Locations related to the practice so itís quite the long list. I guess this was just a slight mess up?
  • The Appointment Book in the EMR Status definitely threw people but itís not really a big deal.

So those were some of our lessons learned. I think it would be awesome if people would comment with some of their own stories/bugs found.

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