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Madras High Court stated that it cant allow public health at risk through not properly trained Foreign Medical Graduates in India,questioning the credibility of foreign medical degrees, for which admissions could be undertaken in Foreign countries even by a low scoring student of India or Foreign origin.Madras High Court suo motu impleaded the Medical Council of India and Secretary of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare as respondents in a petition and asked them to reply to a set of 14 questions including how many medical graduates from foreign medical colleges took screening tests conducted in the past 10 years.

Some of the questions include The number of medical graduates from foreign medical colleges that have entered the profession in the past 10 years;

whether or not the MCI is aware that students who score low marks are able to get admission in foreign medical institutions and get medical degrees;

whether allowing such students to get medical degrees goes against the public interest;

whether or not any minimum marks have been prescribed by the MCI for foreign medical universities;

and which are the countries where Indian students with low marks usually obtain medical degrees.

The Court noticed  that It is not understandable as to how moneyed persons who get comparatively low marks are allowed to get admission in foreign medical colleges and are able to get medical degrees which are also recognised by MCI.”

“Only meritorious students should be allowed to enter the profession as the lives of the patients are with the prospective doctors. Further, our country needs more doctors and hence, urgent measures have to be taken to establish more government medical colleges so that medical education is not commercialised,”

    The way our Government is trying to convert graduates of Ayurvedic,Homeopathic,Unani Sidha system graduates or Nursing Students in Modern medicine Graduates or allow Foreign Universities to earn crores by admitting low scoring Students to be doctor against hefty fee without any test and then exporting them to India to be a competant Doctor as Indian counter part will deterioate our medical standard to a very low level .Although numerically doctor patient ratio will be corrected but on quality it will be very inferior where rich and affluent or Politicians and Bureaucrats will get treatment from costly pvt or superspeciality Government hospitals but poors,rural people  will suffer badly .Already in India Privatisation of Medical education and subsequent Purchased Medical Education from an Industry of thousand crores based on fogery,manipulations ,tricks and tactics has lowered our Medical standard to very low level where many MUNNA BHAI are produced .Intention of government by bringing National Medical Forum by a new bill replacing MCI is more disastrous as then USA trained rich Bureaucrats will open a new market for Medical education where any body will be able to open a Medical college against payments to Government and bribes to these Babus and medical college will be free to extort any amount of fee from these affluent rich students having very less marks or failed students.Now this Madras High court ,previously Supreme court bring some prestige to our education by making NEET COMPUSARY FOR ALL MEDICAL COLLEGES ADMISSION FOR BOTH MBBS AND PG EXAMINATIONS WHERE OWNERS OF PVT MEDICAL COLLEGES POLITICIANS ,BUREAUCRATS ,JUDGES ETC always trying hard to overrule it through Deemed Universities or by bringing laws in state legislative assemblies particularly in Tamilnadu,Maharasthtra,karnataka, Andhra etc where 80% pvt medical colleges are present or VYAPAM LIKE SCAMS ARE DONE IN MADHYAPRADESH OR GUJRAT OR MANY STATES ARE INCREASING FEE OF PVT MEDICAL COLLEGES TOO MUCH SO THAT POOR STUDENT CANT READ AND LEFT OUT SEATS CAN BE GIVEN TO RICH AFFLUENT STUDENTS IN NAME OF NRI AGAINST PAYMENT OF 1 TO 4 CRORES.

       It is high time that Our Government seriously think to get it corrected as till now watchdog of Medical Education of India "MCI" failed to bring any change as even today Medical colleges are recognised and even PG seats are increased or added having many GHOST teachers,no patients in OPD or In ward or no number of operations or facilities like blood bank,ICUs,Labs,and teaching facilities .MCI has been lebelled as most corrupt body by Parlaiment committee on Health with charge of Distributing recognition and PG accredition to pvt medical colleges against bribe of thousand crores,its one past president for few years was arrested accepting bribe of crores too and even SC appointed Oversight Committe to govern it and Government is bringing a new medical bill to demolish MCI but till today MCI is doing no concrete reform n on ground,most medical college know time of Inspection,and many known colleges with ghost teachers and poor facilities of education are being recognised same way as was being done in past 'RECOGNITION AGAINST PAYMENT".

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