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Unaware of the machine's capability of producing magnetic pull, UP MInister's  security personnel  entered the MRI Room carrying his service pistol while Minister MRI is being done as Minister Became unconscious while attending a political rally in near by area and brought to Lucknow's Dr Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital.Neither the technician or doctor or well written warning before the MRI room "Donot enter in Mri room wearing metallic things" could check Minister's security guard as he entered into Mri room  with his service pistol.As soon as he stepped inside the room, the gun popped out of the holster and got stuck in the machine.

                Pistol got stuck on the scanner of MRI Machine and damaged the equipment. “The machine is being repaired and cannot be used for the next 10 days and may cost Rs 50 lacs ,” said Dr Deepak Malviya, the director of Ram Manohar Lohia Institute of Medical Sciences in Lucknow.


                 Few months book such incidence also happened in a hospital at Mumbai,Two hospital workers spend few hrs  pinned to MRI machine as one wardboy carring a metal oxygen cylinder entered into Mri room with a technician.The Oxygen cylinder was immediatley attracted by powerful magnet of meri machine and one techician was stuck and squizzed inside Mri machine scanner rim and suffered paralysis of both legs due to comparment syndrome leading to injury over stuck spinal cord as evident in photograph.Mri Machine on off switch was  deactivated by service engineer so GE company has to give a compensation  of Rs one crore to the technician.
                    Both incidences and other too reported that we should over conscious while dealing with such machines as one hand machine get damaged on other hand person doing this fault or patient can get injury.


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