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Wearing a Googles over eye will check our blood glucose is an eyeopening research as it will enforce a new milestone .Researchers have found that type 2 diabetes could be prevented by using goggles that release bright light into the eyes, as per reports.
     As per a report published in Deccan Chronicle, originally attributed to the Daily Mail, the goggles, called Re-Timer, have four small lights in the frame and are designed to help regulate the body clock.The special eyewear was originally developed at Flinders University in Australia to help treat sleep issues.

    Light helps regulate one's body clock which regulates the release of certain hormones.

      The release of such hormones which control blood sugar levels, is "irregular in people with pre-diabetes," according to the report.


      "Light exposure can have profound effects on some of the body’s hormones. It will be interesting to determine the effects of this light therapy on insulin sensitivity — although perhaps getting outside and exposure to sunshine might be equally beneficial," Dr Paul Jenkins, a consultant endocrinologist at The London Endocrine Centre told the Daily Mail.

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