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Till now we have encountered that often Doctors are caught issuing fake Medical certificates or issuing false treatment bill against a bribe of money or under some compulsion but a very stranze and unknown type of crime reported where a Doctor and his associates has been arrested to issue Fake Autopsy report for live patient without undergoing any autopsy on dead persons.Often in court or in media either accused  or victim through their lawyers or directly often allege that autopsy report has been manipulated and adjusted on their known dead persons by Forensic expert but till today such fake autopsy report is unknown,it shows how medical degradation has happened and for money doctors or their associates can go to any lower standard which was never thinked before few years back.

                    In Sonepat of Hariyana one Autopsy surgeon issued 15 fake autopsy reports to relatives of this living dead for insurance claim as with autopsy report,Insurance Company mostly clear the claim soon without any investigation as death certificate and then autopsy certificate is considered surest proof of Death..But on some complain,State government formed a SIT to probe the matter.Probe into the insurance scam targeting cancer patients has revealed that a doctor of civil hospital received Rs 1.5 lakh for each autopsy of fake accident victims.

In a related development, the Sonipat court extended the police remand of Pawan Bhoria for four days. Pawan was arrested last Saturday along with his two associates. Two lab technicians have also been arrested. Sumit Kumar, who had lodged a false FIR regarding the death of his father Krishan Kumar, was arrested on Tuesday.

DSP Shamsher Singh, supervising officer of the SIT, said that the accused, including Sumit Kumar, were remanded to judicial custody. Singh stated that they had got enough information from Bhoria’s associates. Recoveries have been made from Sumit and Pawan into the claim received by Sumit. Except Pawan, they did not require other accused for further interrogation, said Singh.


According to the police, Sumit has explained the modus operandi of Pawan. Prior to filing for insurance claim, he would open a bank account in the name of the beneficiary. The account details were then given to the insurance company. After the amount was disbursed, Pawan and his associates would withdraw it from the bank and would split it among themselves.According to information, Sumit got Rs 2 lakh while the doctor received Rs 1.5 lakh for each autopsy. The amount was sent to the doctor through a middleman identified by Sumit and Pawan. Rs 50,000 have been recovered from Sumit and Rs 3 lakh from Bhoria.

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