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 A very astonishing video is viral on social media where a Nurse who is retired is claiming that she is in business of selling new borns since last 30 years but never caught by any authority.Such claim has taken a ack whole country where child trafficking in India or abroad racketing has been many times claimed in media but as usual mostly  rarely persons are arrested and if arrested then hardly punished ,many paedophills has been highlighted for heinous act in many child sheltering houses and may orphan and child caring Sishu Niwas are detected where children are physically,metally and sexually harassed.Illegal adoption is a big business in this country where such notorious health workers and staffs are kingpins.

        Therefore, audio clip of a Nursing staff went viral on the social media, prompting Tamil Nadu Health Secretary Beela Rajesh to instruct the director of the Health and Rural Welfare department to look into the claim of the woman. In the audio clip, the woman, who took voluntary retirement 10 years ago, is purportedly heard saying she has been "selling" newborns for 30 years and by god's grace, never got into any trouble.

She also said newborn girls were "sold" for Rs 2.75 lakh and "if the babies are fair and good looking, they are sold for Rs 3 lakh". Newborn boys were "sold" for Rs 3 lakh and if they were beautiful, for Rs 3.75 lakh to Rs 4 lakh, she said in the clipping recorded by a "prospective client".

The woman also said in the clip that she even arranged for a birth certificate if an extra amount of Rs 70,000 was paid. Police suspect the involvement of a big gang. They also suspect that the woman in the audio clip is a former nurse who worked at a government hospital in Rasipuram and who was accused of being involved in "selling" of newborns in connivance with the hospital staff.

Until health and general administration becomes highly altered against such illegal and unhuman industry of greedy mean minded persons now childrens are not trafficked for just have children to non fertile or single parent or for sex purpose to paedophills or Arabian seikhs or rich persons  but now they are being purchased for begging and other low level of working as paid slums of past but  now their organs are too removed for selling for transplant too.


Therefore it is high time that we doctors and staff of health system should be highly alert to prevent it as mostly childrens are trafficked from the courtyard of hospital or health centres of government or private sector.

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