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Mumbai Eye Care - Cataract Surgery

Mumbai Eye Care launched the bladeless cataract surgery. This surgery uses advanced laser technology that gives ultra-fine precision operation, which improves the surgery safety.

Mumbai Eye Care, the top eye clinic in Ghatkopar, always added new and upgraded technology to its eye treatment service. The latest one is this clinic launched the bladeless cataract surgery treatment using Femtosecond LensX Laser, which is approved by the US FDA. This laser is the most advanced laser technology for eye surgery today. As its name implies, the surgeon won’t be using a blade to operate the cataract problem, which reduces the risk of complications. It is also very safe because of its high precision. Moreover, the incision on the cataract part is also very thin, increasing the healing and recovery speed. This new cataract treatment will also be conducted by Dr. Jatin Ashar, the eye specialist in this clinic.

Speaking about Dr. Jatin Ashar, he is an experienced and skilful eye specialist in Ghatkopar. He is also the head of the Mumbai Eye Care clinic that provides various treatments for many eye problems. Cataract with bladeless surgery is one of them. Other than that, this clinic also provides LASIK eye surgery, Glaucoma treatment, pediatric eye treatment, and many more. This clinic uses the latest technology to provide surgery or treatment for its patients. Moreover, Mumbai Eye Care is also a pre accredited National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH) clinic. Therefore, it is a trusted and reliable clinic for patients to get eye treatment.

According to one of the staff of Mumbai Eye Care, “Our mission is to help people to solve their eye disorders and educate them about it. By spreading awareness of how important eye health is, we believe it will help people avoid this problem and improve their lives. We are also determined to provide the best service. Therefore, we are not only working with the best eye specialist in Ghatkopar east but also using the latest technology and advancement in the eye care field.”

About Mumbai Eye Care

Mumbai Eye Care is an eye clinic located in the Ghatkopar area, with Dr. Jatin Ashar leading the operation. He is also known as one of the best eye specialists in Mumbai. He works with the best staff and team, utilizing the latest eye care technology. And that makes it the most reliable place to visit for eye treatment.

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