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Nadiad Kidney Hospital becomes the first hospital in India to install the ‘Prostate HistoScanning’

Muljibhai Patel Urological Hospital, Nadiad has become the first hospital in India to introduce the state-of-the-art ‘Prostate Histoscanning’. To take care of the increasing number of uro cancer patients, in 2010, the hospital had set up a full-fledged ‘Rohit J Patel Department of Uro-oncology’. MPUH was the first hospital in India to acquire the Robotic HIFU for non-surgical, least invasive treatment of prostate cancer in the elderly. The hospital started laparoscopic radical prostatectomy in 2004 and have performed more than 100 such procedures for localized carcinoma prostate.  MPUH was also the first hospital in western India to introduce da Vinci Si Robotic-assisted surgery for kidney, prostate and bladder cancer in 2010.

Prostate HistoScanning is a proprietary tissue characterisation technology developed to differentiate, characterise and visualise prostate tissue, based on the analysis of backscattered ultrasound. It is a unique ultrasound application to aid: Treatment selection, Individual treatment planning, and Triaging patients for active surveillance. It also provides a complete analytic prostate imaging solution for visual reassurance: Accessible and user-friendly solution within the clinic, Provides high quality 3D visualisation of the prostate gland; up to 895 frames per scan, Provides accurate localisation and extent of differentiated tissue suspected to be cancer in less than 5 minutes extra ultrasound exam time. 

With the introduction of Prostate HistoScanning, the doctors at MPUH are better equipped to diagnose and treat prostate cancer.




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