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Unique robotic-assisted surgery performed on a 3-month-old child at MPUH Nadiad



A congenital pelvi ureteric obstruction in the right kidney was detected by sonography when the child’s mother was in her 8th month of pregnancy.  Parents followed up with investigations after the birth of the child and they were advised that the surgery at the earliest can be done only after three months.  Traditionally, for this type of problem, open surgery is performed, but with advancement of technology, at MPUH Nadiad such operations are done by laparoscopy.   So far MPUH surgeons have done 196 laparoscopy pyeloplasty surgeries.  Now the hospital has acquired Robot, but it has so far been used in adult or grown up children.


Dr. Craig A Peters, Consultant Urologist from Washington DC, USA has been visiting MPUH regularly to promote advanced technology in pediatric urology and since yesterday he has done four cases and also mentored the local team in pediatric robot-assisted surgeries.  Today history was created at MPUH.  For the first time in India, a 3-month-old child underwent Robot-assisted pyeloplasty. It involved anesthesia and insertion of three ports; two of 5 mm and one 10 mm into the abdomen – one for telescope and the other two for operating arms. Excising the obstructing segment and reconstructing the pelvic ureteric junction with very fine suturing were done successfully.  Due to the higher magnification, very precise reconstruction can be carried out.  We believe the result of such robotic surgery would be even superior to what is achieved through other procedures.



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