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ONCE AGAIN OUR SOCALLED CORRUPT HELATH MINISTER MR.AZAD has planned in last tenure to earn crores to send to Sonia's fund and his accounts by twisting and manipulating most benefitting and yielding MONEY MAKING MACHINE of INCREASING MEDICAL COLLEGES and increasing MEDICAL SEATS both MBBS and PG seats in existing Colleges.Now instead of 150,250 students will be admitted,now instead of 25 acres of land and depositing 25 crore as security money even in 5 acre and with less than one crore deposit NEW MEDICAL COLLEGES WILL BE OPENED BY private players in different part of states and in central india.
Beside,those colleges having not 10 yrs experience but even 2-3 yrs experiences will be allowed to increase their number of seats both MBBS AND PG LEVEL.
Mr.Azad is doing it to crease DOCTOR PEOPLE RATIO as it is less so he wants to increase it,there is no water to drink so flood will be invited or you will be taken to a sea shore and told to drink water.Mr.Azad's intention is clear he wants money and more money in last year of tenure as if election happens such golden chance will go.
Sir,why he doesnot stress that INDIA needs Doctors having knowledge not just for sake of Doctors,as we have increased number of Universities allowing opening of so many private University,an university running in 1-2 storey, 300-500 sq meter area is a laughable condition,these universities are simply selling degrees and earning money and infact there is no useof getting such degree too as so called qualified person donot acquire any knowledge so once commissioned inside a private company where performance is criteria ,they are simply rejected out or every body understand what these degree means so simply you donot get service by such degree until you are lucky to get a GOVERNMENT SERVICE by manipulations.Secondly our UNIVERSITIES EVEN BEST ONE BECAUSE OF CORRUPTION AND IN WANT OF GOOD RESEACH GENUINE WORKS ARE AT VERY LOW RANK IN LIST OF UNIVERSITIES OF WORLD 
Secondly Medical qualification without knowledge will be of no use ,Mr.Azad shuld not open factories of "KILLING DOCTORS" AS IT WILL DESTROY OUR HEALTH FABRIC OF OUR COUNTRY,FIRST HE DESTROYED MCI AND TOOK its reign in his hand sothat by increasing seats and number of colleges he can earn crores.Government cannot control BCCI having so match spot fixing,match and session fixing in IPL and even they are not subjected to RTI but here an independant body MCI like CBI is an office of a health Minister,Ordinance after Ordinace to run private shop neglecting any sting operation of media and averting every enquiry.
Such opening of Medical Colleges will be 90% by private medical colleges,why Mr.Azad is not strssing that Entrance examination conducted by such private medical colleges are fake and arranged one,they should charge fees but not capitation and donations in name of mangement quota as all sets are filled up indirectly on these ground,why he is not asking them if such substandard students will be admitted in money basis in such colleges where no infrastructure of adequate teaching staff,patients and hospital and tratment facilitespresent,how such Doctors will be traine,in such colleges few buildings have come,go most department has got 1-2 teachers only,Hospital has few patients only as they donot want to give free treatment and by paying no patients comes there as most doctors are not that qualified and expert.For PG seats crores of money is being taken they have no standard for MBBS education ,how PG can be allowed and how seats canbe allowed to sell so openly.Mr.Azad beside filling your stomach ,you are country Health Minister see for poor students too who wants admission and read if you are so sincere open Government colleges by Government money or scrtinise PRIVATE MEDICAL COLLEGES CLOSE THEIR manipulations and robbery from back door tell your MCI to keep good standard and tellthem to conduct fair examinations ,not examination for name and admitting all students from back through money donations.
Enough is enough,our previous Health Minister Mr.Ambu Ramdoss was in jail for his misdeed,you will not spared for your misded when Sonia ji will not be there to protect you or once CBI comes out of clUtches of GOVERNMENT OR PMO.

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