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       It's summertime and summer is usually very hot in Northern part of tropical country like us , and this time too,mercury has touched 45 degree in Delhi Ncr and 48 degree in Churu and other parts of Rajasthan and more worst is to be arrived as JUNE,JULY are yet to come.

                     This scortching heat is always bad and discomfotable for HUMAN BEING as our body is made of proteins and many proteins boil if temperature raises to 52 degree or more.if this situation arise we cannot live for a second but till this is achieved we have to live,in this part of our country under such high temperature which is  seen during 9 am till 4-5 pm but some time may come early in morning and some time may extend 6pm in evening too so we cannot dare to sit in home under cooler or Aircondition to cool ourselves away from work as poor country like us compell us to work,move and take part in our activities in field or outside our home under open sky or we have to face such heat as poverty bring no home what to talk of electricity .Effect of such heat is more on children,old and sick persons, so school are closed early and these persons are never allowed to face such sun for few minutes even otherwise SUN STROKE MAY OCCUR leading to an emergency condition requiring very immediate intervention to save the LIFE.

               First rule is that we should not heat ourselves long under such scortching heat for along time even for few minutes to a hour ,we should try to take shelter under a shelter or under umbrella or under tree to cool ourselves in between to avoid damage of such hot heat of Sun.

           Direct exposure to High heated Sun even for more than few minutes can  take us to Sun Stroke which is  a form of heat exhaustion. Heat exhaustion can occur as the result of over-exposure to any heat source. Sunstroke occurs when the specific heat source is the sun, and especially when the sun's heat is accompanied by high humidity as seen during a cloudy sky rather than a bright sky.

                   Our body uses water inside our body to evaporate in form of Sweat and by evaporating sweat or dissipating heat of  our body accumulated by absorbed heat of  heat and dangerous Sun so this evaporation of sweat cools our body. As  temperature rises, our body sweats more and more  in order to cool off. In dry air, sweat evaporates easily and quickly cools your body. But in humid air, sweat doesn't evaporate. It can collect on our skin or run off of our body without producing a cooling effect.
             When sweating under a hot sun fails to cool our body as sweat is less formed as we donot drink water in amount as per sweat or we are already dehydrated or having less water in body or sweat is not evaporated in Humid cloudy sky , our body's temperature can rapidly rise and sunstroke symptoms quickly develop sunstroke symptoms

               Sunstroke produces a variety of symptoms. The most common are:

Headache,Muscle cramps,Dizziness,Hot dry skin,Flushed and hot skin,or cold skin covered with wet sweats producing more discomfort and uneasyness,High body temperature,Lack of sweating,dry tongue,dry body,wrinkled and folded skin leading to feature of Dehydration or less water called in Medical term as "HYPOVOLEMIC SHOCK" manifestated as Rapid pulse,Rapid breathing and Disorientation leading to losso unconsciouness and if not tackled leading to cold,calmmy body with less BP and if not attended immediately leading to Irreversible shock and Death.

            So we should  not take any symptom of sunstroke lightly. When the body overheats, the brain and internal organs can literally fry, causing death or permanent injury. Sunstroke is a medical emergency and demands immediate medical attention.Urgent care for sunstroke includes removing clothing, applying cool water or ice packs to the skin and ingesting iced fluids to help cool body temperature. In very secure cases, the victim may be rapidly cooled, either by immersion in an ice water bath or by evaporative cooling with large circulating fans.Side by side patient is allowed to drink ORS OR SALT WATER, not simple water as when water evaporates it is evaporated as Sweat which is water and salt,so such salt must be added otherwise simple water will more dilute our body and will cause more damage than help.if patient cannot drink or less drinking SALINE DRIP OF NORMAL SALINE SHOULD BE INFUSED immeditely in Hospital.

            Sunstroke is dangerous, but it also is easy to prevent. as we told avoid direct scortching sun exposure as far as possible or take shelter under shade,umbrella or thincloth as Gmcha or towel. Wear lightweight, light-colored loose-fitting protective clothing mostly white cloth as reflecter of heat(never black cloth or polysteter or woolen as they absorb heat and doesnot allow sweat to evaporate) and a hat with a brim or umbrella or wet clothes over head and body to shade our face, neck and ears and limbs .

if we have to work or walk outdoors, if possible should do it during the cooler hours in the morning or evening. Avoid the hours of 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

 if we have to work or walk in the sun, we should drink lots of salted water, even if we  are not thirsty. That means full glasses of salted water,Lemon water,ORS,Cocconut water or Jaljeera Pudina water or Sattu water or water made from juice of unripe mango or Bael water.we should drink at least 3-5 litres or more salted  water per day. If your activity under the sun is strenuous and more ,we should  drink a glass every 20 minutes, even is we are not thirsty. And should n't drink caffeinated or alcoholic drinks, as these act as diuretics and will dehydrate your body.

 In tropical climates like ours ,we should  take the same preventive steps on a cloudy day as we would use on a sunny day. Cloud cover actually magnifies the intensity of the sun's rays. Our body can heat and sunstroke symptoms appear even faster than if there are no we should always carry good amount of salted water with us while we are out in Sun for work.Sun Burn is separate entity it happens to most persons who takes sun bath on sea shore or rarely to worker on field here direct excessive sun heat burns our skin in superficial layer and make wounds or even skin pigmentation and cancer too.

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