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Continued from 'MahaPathy: Part-2'




Humble offering to the Doctors  


   Patient desiring to get opportunity of this treatment, –has to come to us through the medium of any doctor. At present, directly we are not treating any patient. We are busy, in case of preparing only medicine.


   In our country, there is no reliable organization for manufacturing this medicine, from main material or crude material to high or higher potency. Maximum medicine manufacturers, bring medicine of ‘Back potency’ from foreign country, and manufacture one or two high order potency-medicine. Besides that, manufacturing a high potency medicine is an expensive fact.


   The doctors who want to get the medicine manufactured by us, for their patient, s/he has to be sufficiently well-informed about this procedure of treatment and has to rely on this treatment procedure.


   Following the ‘Case taking form’ mentioned in this book –s/he has to collect all the information from the patient, and when ordering for medicine, has to send to us a copy of that ‘Case taking form’ with all information. The rules and directions for taking medicine, along with that, all the rules, are mentioned in this book. To explain the patient nicely, and to direct the patient properly, –the responsibility is of doctors, not ours.


   Those who desire to treat the patient regularly, by following this treatment procedure, to get all the help, regarding this treatment, and in next time –desire to get ‘Certificate’ as the appropriate doctor of this treatment –it is requested to enroll with us –their name, address, qualification etc.

   In case of operation fit (surgical) patient, the doctor has to take decision after great thinking, that –in that case, medicine has to be applied or not. It is duty to follow enough precaution, in case dying or serious patient.


   If it is no more necessary for any patient to take the medicine, or in case of the possibility of unused medicine left behind, –besides that, if feels that the medicine again may be necessary to use in future, or to covert the medicine to more high power or potency, immediately the medicine (with case number) has to be sent to us. If too late– then the medicine will not be in a condition to preserve or use.


   If any patient desire to get MahaPathy treatment, in that case, it is the duty of the doctor to let the patient know about all the theories and information, described in this book, or to give him/her the book of MahaPathy to read, before a patient is treated by this procedure.


   Last of all, one thing, we would like to say, to the doctors, till now, none of the medicine manufacturer company has been permitted to manufacture the medicine of MahaPathy (in short– MPathy). So we have to bear the serious responsibility of manufacturing the medicine in proper way. One thing more, please contact us, before accepting any patient for treatment. 


The End 


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