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The government has recently decided to make it compulsory for medical graduates (MBBS) to provide one-year compulsory rural service to be eligible to apply for entrance test for postgraduation.BUT Why one year compulsory rural posting before PG ,is just needed by Government is not answered in coming election year except health minister style of sending DOCTORS IN VILLAGE,first he wanted to convert all AYUSH DOCTORS(HOMEO/AYURVED/UNANI /SIDHHA DOCTORS)AS MBBD DOCTORS BY REGISTRATION but ALL STATE MCI DENIED IT,second he wanted AMBBS LIKE COURSE TO MAKE VILLAGE DOCTORS but idea was lacking all scietific and practical facts so failed .Similiarly government should answer FOLLOWING QUESTIONS and will realise how foolish such ideas are added to gain political appeasement by his boss Rahul and Sonia Gandhi.
The Indian Medical Association, which is the representative body of doctors across the country,on Monday criticized the government move to make one year rural posting for doctors compulsory to appear in postgraduate medical entrance tests.
“This will further increase one year of their education for postgraduation and super specialty education which under the present scenario is already too long. Under the present system, doctors end up spending nearly 13 years studying,” said IMA secretary general Dr Narendra Saini.

1. There are one lakh doctors waiting for PGs in the country for only 12000 PG seats as per IMA.

2. As per an RTI only less than 3000 posts are vacant in rural areas so WHERE STUDENTS WILL GET WORK AND WHO WILL PAY THEM OR ALLOW THEM TO WORK,WILL THEY WORK ON PAPERS AND PAY PHCs to get certificates. 

3. It will lead to capitation fee in rural service and will add to the already high corruption in the medical profession.

4. Another one year of medical study will add to more misery for the students.

5. Safety of female students will be compromised.

6. Why can’t the PG exam take place along with the final MBBS exam or mid way in internship after you finish 6 months clinical postings. Rest six months and first six months of PG can be a rural posting and the exam of PG can be linked to rural posting experiences.
Survey by Medical Students Association of India, participated by 11727 students, with 8963 medical students, 6451 males.

1. 99% do not agree with the government proposal.

2. 79% want government to cancel the move.

3. None of them said that they oppose to serve in the rural areas but do not want to link it to education entry.

4. 32% said that this move will lead to one more additional year to waste.

5. 19% said that the infrastructure is not ripe for rural postings at this age.

6. 15% said that the family cannot afford one more year of study.

7. 4% said that they are getting old and cannot afford additional year of posting.

8. 4% said that rural posting is not incentive-based.

9. 58% said that even if they were paid double the amount they would not accept a rural posting

10. 92% said that the government should first infuse money and make the infrastructure better.

11. 92% said that after one year of rural service, it will be too late to join PG.

12. Over 70% said that making it a six-month posting will not matter.
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Therefore Government should scrap such idea immediately and help students who are already crippled by cancellation of MCI'S NEET EXAMINATIONS and are left to mercy of CORRUPT PRIVATE MEDICAL COLLEGES who are wanting 1-4 crore for every PG SEAT before conducting any fictitious and fake entrance examinations.

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