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HIV/AIDS IS MORE IF SEXUALTRANSMITTED DISEASES OCCUR IN YOUNGER AGE;----------Modern life style,living in relations,exposure of young one and children to exhibitionism of Sex or Sexual activitiy or Love seens on mobile,internet,laptops, phantab,tab, ipod or in printed media or films or story books or exposure in society on TV even social serials orNewspapers shows almost nude pictures has increasing mating and dating resulting into premarital or childhood or younger hood sexual exposures and SEX WITHOUT CONDOM lead to many sexual transmitted diseases like HIV/ AIDS,GONORRHOEA,SYPHILLIS,DUCRE Y'S ULCER,HERPES,LYMPHO GRANULAM VENERUM,GRANULUM INGUINALE etc.
A new study suggests that individuals who contract sexually transmitted infections during their teen years have a greater HIV risk into young adulthood.HIV /AIDS is a seriuos disease till date no cure for this is available,once its symptoms start person has to take life long treatment otherwi...

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