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Primary cartilage tympanoplasty: our technique and results.(Dr Mubarak Khan,Pune)

Am J Otolaryngol. 2010 Sep 9. [Epub ahead of print]

Primary cartilage tympanoplasty: our technique and results.
Khan MM, Parab SR.

Cartilage has shown to be a promising graft material to close tympanic membrane perforations. However, due to its rigid quality, doubts are raised regarding its sound conduction properties. It has been suggested that acoustic benefit may be obtained by thinning the cartilage. We describe our innovative method for harvesting tragal cartilage from the same endaural incision and also describe preparation of the graft by slicing it. We present our 3-year experience of shield cartilage type 1 tympanoplasty using sliced tragal cartilage-perichondrium composite graft.

AIM: The aim of this study was to prove the success rate of our technique of shield cartilage tympanoplasty using sliced tragal cartilage graft in terms of functional and anatomic results.

STUDY DESIGN: Retrospective analysis of type 1 cartilage tympanoplasties using sliced tragal cartilage was carried out in MIMER Medical College and Sushrut ENT Hospital during May 2005 to January 2008 with a minimum follow-up of 2 years.

METHOD AND MATERIALS: A total of 223 ears were operated by our technique.

RESULTS: The overall success rate of our technique was 98.20% in terms of perforation closure and air bone gap closure within 7.06 ± 3.39 dB. The success rates in the various age group are as follows: 11 to 20 years, 97.67%; 21 to 40 years, 99.12%; and 41 to 60 years, 96.96%.

CONCLUSION: Our technique of type 1 cartilage tympanoplasty achieves good anatomic and functional results.

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