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International Honours for Dr. Mahesh Desai of MPUH Nadiad


It is a matter of great pride not just for the Muljibhai Patel Urological Hospital (MPUH), Nadiad, but the country as a whole, and the Indian Urology in particular, that Dr. Mahesh Desai, MS, FRCS (London), FRCS (Edinburgh), Medical Director and Managing Trustee of MPUH, has been elected as the ‘President-Elect’ of the Endourological Society Inc. at the World Congress of Endourology (WCE) held at Kyoto, Japan during November 30 to December 3, 2011. During the WCE2011 at Kyoto, an MPUH doctor won two prizes – 1st prize for the best video “Micro percutaneous nephrolithotomy: The initial feasibility study”, and the 2nd prize for the best Essay “Staghorn Morphometry: A New Tool for Clinical Classification and Prediction Model for PCNL Monotherapy.”

At the initiative and direction of Dr. Mahesh Desai, MPUH had successfully organized the 12th World Video Urology Congress 2000 at Goa, and the 22nd World Congress on Endourology 2004 at Mumbai.

It may be recalled, in October this year, Dr. Mahesh Desai had become the first Indian to assume the Office of the President of the Société Internationale d'Urologie (SIU) at the SIU World Congress held at Berlin, Germany.  It is unprecedented that Dr. Desai is perhaps the only person to hold both these prestigious positions simultaneously or separately.  The other positions that Dr Desai has held include President, Urological Society of India (2006-2007); Chairman, Sub-specialties, Society International d’Urologie (SIU) ( 2004-2009); Chairman, Scientific Committee, Endourology  Society Inc. (2007 - present); President, Asian Society of Endourology (2008 -  present); Chairman, Endourology Education Training Site Committee of Endourology Society Inc. (2008 - 2011); Member, International Committee of American Urological Association (2008 - 2011).

News has also just come in that Dr. Mahesh Desai has been selected for the prestigious ‘St. Paul’s Medal 2012’ by the British Association of Urological Surgeons (BAUS).  It is awarded to “distinguished colleagues from overseas whose contributions to the Association in particular, or to Urology in general, BAUS Council particularly wishes to appreciate and honour.”  Since the inception of this Medal in 1989, Dr. Mahesh Desai is only the second Indian after Dr. Dara K Karanjavala (1993), to be honoured with this international recognition.


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